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XO Beauty Eyelashes Haul UK

Hey ladies - haul number 3 features my first ever XO beauty lashes! I’m not a huge eyelashes person and because of this I’m not willing to pay over a fiver for a pair of lashes. At the same time my attempt at getting decent lashes from ebay failed, they turned out uncomfortable to wear and they looked far too false! D: I had previously purchased Red Cherry lashes which were decent too, just a little on the large size for a beginner. (Some of the styles, I believe the DW ones are great for those starting out but they seemed to be out of stock from most of the sellers on ebay).

 So I decided to venture out and try ShaaanXO’s brand as I enjoy her tutorials and her lashes always look great. They turned out to be surprisingly affordable and the shipping seemed like good value too until...

XO Beauty Eyelashes Haul UK

BAM they hit me with customs. I was not impressed, having never paid custom taxes before because I’m normally so careful wth the amount I order and keeping it under £15! Perhaps I got confuse with the currency? Anyways I ordered 5 pairs of lashes which cost $6.99 (NZD) which equals to only £3.05 each! The shipping cost for international orders is $12 - £5 again not bad at all. So basically because I went £0.25p over the allowed limit of £15.00 those meanies at customs charged me £11.56! Talk about bad luck, I ended up paying twice the amount for the lashes *sigh*. Anyways on to the haul...

XO Beauty Eyelashes Haul UK

 I purchased three different style of lashes, after watching Shaan’s video in which she helpfully tried each pair on and described it too. Another reason why I wanted to try these are because they have a really thin band making them a lot more comfortable to wear. I didn't want anything TOO natural as I'm not one for lashes with an everyday makeup look. At the same time I wasn't looking for the over-dramatic kind either. Just a couple of pairs to complete a makeup look for a party or wedding.

XO Beauty Lashes the wanderlush eyelashes haul UK

I purchased two pairs of The Wanderlust because look at how beautiful and fluttery they are!

XO Beauty Lashes The Gold Digger Haul UK

 I picked up one pair of The Gold Digger because I loved how they looked on Shannon! I went for only one pair of these because I wasn't sure if I'd really like them. I will be sure to report back with maybe one or two looks up at some point too ^_^
XO Beauty The Primadonna eyelashes haul UK
XO Beauty The Primadonna eyelashes haul UK

Finally I picked up two of The Primadonna...and I know I said I didn't want anything too dramatic but these are just about my limit haha. I love how they're double thick on the outerlashes which is exactly where you want volume for a special occasion!

And that’s my haul for this Thursday! Have you tried XO Beauty Lashes? What is your favourite Lash brand?

*P.S It’s currently Ramadan which means I’ll be spending a lot less time on the internet and more time just self-reflecting, learning and praying ^_^ I’ll be checking my blog now and again when I’m not fasting - yes we don’t fast for 30 whole days straight haha!! Thanks for commenting and dropping me e-mails I promise to get them back to you as soon as I can*

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