Hello everyone!  As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, I’ve done quite a bit of online shopping throughout May, so instead of posting haul after haul, I’m going to make Thursdays on the blog - HAUL day!  I have more than 5 hauls coming up ._. some are high-end like this one and some drugstore, so hopefully something for everyone!

I don’t think I should have to keep justifying myself, but once again, everything I’ve bought has been because of some sort of special offer or sale and most of these hauls have been things I’ve been wanting for a good few months too. It just so happened that the sales and offers coincided with exam stress AND my birthday month which = lots of beautiful additions to my makeup collection!

I had planned to treat myself to some Charlotte Tilbury goodies BUT now I will force myself to wait till the xmas sales for some of that good stuff, or possibly even next year..we shall see.

NARS Haul May 2015 the blushing giraffe


A few days ago ASOS has a 20% off EVERYTHING sale and loyal readers will know that I always buy my NARS stuff during this time, because 20% off adds up! Luckily the items in my wishlist were still in stock, although I do know that the site crashed a little later which is such a shame! Hopefully they have the same sale on again soon.

NARS Tahiti bronzer laguna with ITA brush

The moment I saw 20% off ONE thing came to my mind straight away...Must. Get. NARS. Tahiti. The NARS Tahiti bronzer laguna came out in April time this year and I wanted it but couldn't justify the the full price of £39.00. I own laguna in a duo set and I really do get on with the bronzer - it’s in my top three without a doubt. The Tahiti bronzer is larger than I thought from the photos online and in the beautiful matte black NARS packaging, I can't stop admiring it.

NARS Tahiti Bronzer Laguna

The size seriously impressed me, it’s the exact length of my iphone 6 with a large mirror - making it perfect for travelling of course. I’m not one to carry those large fold-able mirrors when I travel so I usually rely on the mirrors in eyeshadow palettes, however there’s no need now thanks to this guy.  I can see my whole face so easily and it’s comfortable to hold too. Next the amount that you get: 0.35 Oz compared to the regular Laguna (0.28 Oz) may not seem a like a lot to warrant the price difference (around a tenner as you can get the Tihiti bronzer slightly cheaper from the NARS UK site here) BUT it’s still more than the normal size. Of course one of the main reasons why everyone who bought this picked it up - the MINI ITA BRUSH!

NARS Tahiti Bronzer Laguna

The full sized ITA brush costs £43 which is waaay out of my budget. Not to mention the various dupes and similar brushes on the marker in this shape...but to pass up the opportunity to pick up a mini sized ITA?? of course I couldn’t say no. In fact the mini brush may just have been the deciding factor for why I purchased this in the first place. Because of the brush and extra amount of bronzer, the full price is still a bargain, but for the sale price of £31.20 it was an unmissable deal for me. I've been lusting after this for sometime so I’m over the moon to own it!

I picked up the NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder in Beach which is also new product in their line. Actually they already had a translucent version, but they came out with slightly pigmented versions all scenic themed (beach, mountain etc). I own the E.L.F HD powder and although it’s meant to be translucent, it does look ever so slightly ashy on me which puts me off from wearing it. I also own the yellow toned one which is simply too yellow for all over. Though I’m not a regular powder wearer, for the days when I want my foundation to last a solid 12 hours, or for special occasions, I needed a soft finely milled powder. The reviews on makeup alley prompted me to add it to my wishlist and with the heat coming up I'll be able to put it into use. One thing to note though - mine didn't come with a powder puff so I assume the original loose powder did, whereas the new range do not. I don't mind too much, I prefer using brushes, but just in case you were wondering I thought I'd mention it.

 NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in Jubilation the blushing giraffe

The final item I purchased from the 20% off haul is the NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in Jubilation. These unique duos, are designed to be used softly as dry or intensely when applied with a wet brush. Full price they cost £30.00, which is reasonable if you think about it, each shade costs £15, but it’s rather a lot to spend in one go for someone who already owns so many blushers. From the range I’ve been particularly intrigued by three, with Jubilation being the number one on my wishlist. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate it's beauty??

 NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in Jubilation.

*satisfied sigh*

The golden highlight is the main reason I chose this one but the peach highlight is probably the one I will wear the most on a day-to-day basis. I'm pleasantly surprised that it appears less peach and more iridescent when swatched and on the skin. As for that stunning gold, it looks as wonderful as I had envisioned, just a little too intense for daily use.  I’m yet to apply them wet but I will  be reporting back soon. 

I love the packaging of these duos, they’re a flat rectangle shape with a magnetic closing and decent sized mirror too. The magnetic closing feels really satisfying, exactly like their beautiful audacious lipsticks, which I was temped to delve into but this is quite enough for now. I need to have to have a proper swatch before I spend so much on a lipstick! I will of course be doing an indepth review on whether I think these dual-intensity blushes are worth the price or not, but I think we can agree on one thing - they certainly are beautiful to look at!

That is my final NARS haul for a while ladies!! I’m so excited to be using each of these as they’ve been on my wishlists since they came out and I’ve had the chance to do some research into them and really thought about wanting them. This whole write it down and think about it first thing really works when you're trying to cut down on spending.

Do you own any of these products? Has the Tahiti bronzer with mini ITA brush caught your eye?

Thank-you for reading ♥