A Trio Of Empties #3 | Eyeko Skinny Liner, Bioderma and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap in Lavender

eyeko skinny liner, bioderma micellar water, dr bronner's magic soap lavender

Hello! It’s time for another trio of empties post, where I give you a mini review on three products I have used up and if I’d repurchase or not.

1. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner | £12.00
I got this eyeliner free with a magazine and I was so excited to try it out because I’d heard good things about it. I have a love-hate relationship with this pen. On the one hand it’s nib is perfect for a cat-flick with ease. The end is great for a thin line but you can achieve a thicker line with ease too. At first it provided an opaque line with one sweep of the pen, but within 6/7 uses I found myself having to go over it in a few place. But the main reason I disliked this liner? Because it never lasted completely throughout the day. It seemed to fade and that just isn’t acceptable for such a pricy item, although I didn’t pay for it I still felt as annoyed as I would if I had paid for it. According to other reviews this is a bit of a hit and miss, sometimes it dries out too quick, for others it works great.
Repurchase: No. The Soap & Glory liner works better and it’s half the price!

2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution | £4.80  £3.19
I finally got around to trying the iconic Bioderma and I 100% understand the hype! It is the most gentle yet effective makeup remover and it leaves my skin feeling great. Refreshed and non-greasy or filmy like oil based makeup removers do. I like using micellar waters when I’ve got a lot of eye-makeup on or when I can’t be bothered to do a double cleanse over the sink with my oil and cleanser. A little on a cotton pad removes the bulk of my makeup and prepares my skin for a thorough cleanse with a hot flannel. The small bottle was a great tester size and now it’s on sale I’ll be stocking up on the 250ml one because it’s great for a quick cleanse in the morning or for correcting any makeup mistakes when you’re in a rush. This is the best micellar water that I’ve tried to date, great for sensitive skins and so easily available in the U.K now I couldn’t be happier.
Repurchase: Yes I would. It does what it says without a fuss and isn’t too pricy either.

3. Dr. Bronner Organic Lavender Castile Liquid Soap 236ml | £5.50
I raved about this liquid soap in this post where I shared how I clean my makeup brushes. This is the second bottle that I’ve bought and the scent was lovely and calming. Dr Bronner’s magic soap and a bazillion different uses (well they claim there are 18 but who’s really counting?), you can use them as shower-gels, household cleaners, shampoos and more. What I like most about the liquid soaps are they’re totally organic, I know my brushes (and my skin) aren’t being exposed to any harsh chemicals which extends their lifetime. Oh and they’re super affordable and easy to find through ASOS! I already have another bottle - the almond one I believe and I’m loving it!
Repurchase: Yes! Already have done, this is a total staple and I’ll never use another soap or cleanser on my makeup brushes again (baby shampoo isn’t strong enough!).

I hope this was a helpful post for you! Check out my first one in which I talk about a body wash, facial wash and daily moisturiser HERE. In my second empties you’ll find a quick nail polish remover, a lush scrub and a NUXE product HERE.

Thank-you for reading ♥