Review | Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser

Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser review

Hello everyone, today’s review has got me very very excited because the Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser might just be the BEST cleanser I have ever used and the best part? it costs a mere £4.99! I have tried many cream cleansers, from the well known Liz Earle C&P to the original ponds cold cream cleanser and for my skintype (normal/dehydrated with the odd dry patch) they tend to work well. Having enjoyed the good things eye cream (provides light moisturising and sits well under makeup) I decided to give their Manuka Honey line a go. Especially when I read that it includes the ingredient Royal Jelly and Manuka honey (ofc) which is often found in much more expensive skincare, but more on that later.

I have a detailed night-time skincare routine coming up this week which includes this cleanser as I use it every single evening, after I have removed the majority of my make-up. It is super creamy and feels so soothing to rub into the skin. I can almost feel my skin being nourished and although I have a weak sense of smell, I definitely catch the scent of honey. The directions state you should use a hot flannel with this stuff and most of the time I do, as it leaves my skin feeling totally clean, super soft and plump. The first time I used this I felt like I’d been well and truly pampered. I’m so used to cleansers leaving my skin feeling dry and even parched with that horrid tight feeling, so to have baby soft skin is incredible.

Now onto the ingredients, the first thing to be noted with all Good Things products is that they are free from parabens, mineral oils and sulphates. This cleanser contains Vitamin E which is well known to help against the effects of aging by destroying free radicals (sounds awfully adventurous right?!). Royal Jelly has been used by many cultures for years due to its skin healing properties, it’s anti aging, extremely hydrating and rich in amino-acids. It is also anti-inflammatory and wound healing which explains why Good Things state this helps to keep the skin clear, a claim which I can back up. I started using this every single day about a month before my exams and although I’m not prone to breakouts this cleanser really kept those horrendous ‘stress spots’ at bay, whilst hydrating my skin and keeping it soft. Normally spot fighting products have the tendency to dry out the skin so the fact that this does a decent job at keeping skin clear whilst adding a whole lot of moisture is fantastic. It’s not an alternative to acne cream by any means but it’s worth checking out if you have sensitive skin (so long as you don’t mind the strong scent). The final key ingredient is Manuka Honey found in many more expensive skincare products is scientifically proven to hydrate, moisturise, nourish, heal, protect and rejuvenate - wow! After reading about Manuka honey I’m going to be buying some for the house as well as the skin because it is a miracle natural product!

Overall Rating

Rating: 10
Pros: Feels like a luxury cleanser, cleans skin whilst adding moisture, plumping and leaving it baby soft! Nourishes the skin as it is packed with great ingredients, some found in much more expensive skincare. SO AFFORDABLE. No mineral oil, parabens and other nasties. It doesn't dry the skin out at all and at the same time it doesn't over load my skin or make it feel filmy or heavy. Smells divine. Makes my skin feel happy and no other cleanser has compared.

Cons: Scent may be a little strong for some people.

Repurchase? Yes I don’t think I could ask or expect anything else from a cleanser, this one I will repurchase time and time again!

Thank-you for reading ♥