July Favourites 2015

July favourites

July has been an interesting month beauty wise, I have my usual make-up bits but this time I have a couple of hair related things too! The majority of these favourites are quick and easy to use things, convenient beauty bits which last well and look good. Lets start with my base of the month a newbie, which I refrained from opening for months because I was trying to use up a similarish product (the Bourjois CC Cream - reviewed). However the lack of light weight bases which were dark enough to match my summer skin finally meant I had to whip it out and what can I say, NARS have done it again!

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser st. moritz
The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (£29) in St. Moritz has been putting the biggest smile on my face, this stuff is wonderful. Feels lightweight, is best applied with fingers and delivers a healthy, somewhat dewy medium coverage, blurring all imperfections whilst not masking the skin in the slightest. This is the Queen of Tinted Moisturisers, at first it looked way too orange, but once blended into the skin it adjusts very well and the added bonus of SPF 30 means it’s become a daily staple. It does seem to become a little shiny around 6 hours later, so I recommend setting the TM if you have oily skin.

topshop brow pencil in spike, kiko long lasting shadow sticks 28

The Topshop Brow Pencil in Spike  (£6.00) was a bit of a struggle to learn how to get along with, but now I’ve figured it I can quickly fill in my brows within a minute. I still love the ABH Dipbrow, but it does take a lot more time than a convenient pencil - since this shade is so dark a tiny bit goes a long way. Another new product in my collection, has been the much hyped about Kiko long lasting shadow sticks (£6.90) this one being the shade 28. When I saw they were having a 50% off sale I had to pick some up to see what the fuss was about, especially when a handful of them were only around the £3 price tag. This shade I took with me on my weekend away to London, a nude/light pink brightening colour with tiny flecks on glimmer. It works well alone and as a base too. They're creamy, blend easily and last a decent amount of time on the eyelids, once I’ve had the chance to use the all I’ll be reporting back soon!

colourpop super shock shadow get lucky, rimmel scandaleyes shadow paint in golden bronze,
colourpop super shock shadow get lucky, rimmel scandaleyes shadow paint in golden bronze,  A rediscovery this month has been of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints (£1.00 ) particularly the shade Golden Bronze which I reviewed ages ago here. I have loved doing my eye makeup super quickly and the speed of these shadow paints is amazing! The doe-foot applicator means its on the lids in two seconds and I spend another 2 blending the stuff out et voila, eyeshadow is all done! It’s nice and opaque too meaning I don’t have to worry about applying a base or layering it up. Sometimes you can find these shadow paints on Fragrance Direct for a bargain price of a quid, so keep an eye out they’re handy to have around!

Another golden shade I’ve been loving is the Colour Pop Super Shock shadow in Get Lucky ($5.00). It’s a totally different shade to the Rimmel one, cooler toned and slightly antiquish? but regardless there’s something about golden hues that merge so well with brown eyes AND look like a whole lot more effort than it actually takes. The formula of the Colourpop metalic shadows are delightful, you only need to spend a couple of seconds patting down the shadow with your finger and you’re good to go. I usually like to build it up a little but a light wash is excellent too.

colourpop lippie stix in brink

The ColourPop Lippie Stix in 'Brink' ($5.00) isn't exactly a summer shade, as you'll see from the swatch below, but who really cares - I love it! It's probably three shades deeper than my natural lip colour and the one inspired by that famous Kylie lip we all know so well. I am so impressed with the lasting power of the matte lippie stix! I wore it to the Safari Park and it stayed in tact and pretty flawless for at least 7 hours, fading only a tiny bit when I ate lunch (fish and chips). I did not expect it to be so long lasting, yet creamy and pigmented with one swipe. Now I just want to find a cheaper way to get more :'(

Here are the swatches for everything:

colourpop lippie stix in brink, colourpop super shock shadow get lucky, rimmel scandaleyes shadow paint in golden bronze, toshop brow pencil in spike, kiko long lasting eyeshadow stick in 28

These are all one swipe, the get lucky shade is a light wash, you can build it up more which is equally as beautiful ^_^

dove damage solutions intensive repair shampoo, beautybay ionic hairdryer set

On to the first hair products ever talked about on my blog, these are certainly something special! With shampoo I normally use whatever we have at home which does a good job and none that I have used in the past have actually left me wanting to buy them again. I have dry hair and I know the best remedy is an overnight coconut oil mask, but I often cannot be bothered with that D: Along came the Dove Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo (£2.69) and it really did what it said on the bottle! I can actually say I feel like my hair is stronger, shiny and less dry too - those Keratin Repair Actives really do seem to be doing something and yes I shall be repurchasing this again. The second hair related item is probably the biggest bargain I have purchased this year.

I picked up the Beautybay Ionic Hairdryer for £16, reduced from £40! We have an old hair-dryer, but this was such a bargain I couldn’t say no! Especially as it’s a hairdryer, blow dryer and has a large thingymabob see I told you I don’t know how to talk to about hair related things! in one go. I'm not generally one to use heat on my hair, but to be honest the convenience of this has meant I can manage hair washing and drying quickly, morning or night.

That is about it for my July favourites! Excuse my rustyness on talking about hair products, its certainly something new for me, but its nice to find hair products that are worth sharing with you all ^_^

What were your July Favourites? Leave them in the comments, I'd love to know!

Thank-you for reading ♥