Lilac Glitter Ombre Nails!

lilac glitter ombre nail art
lilac glitter ombre nail art

Apologies for the vast difference in pictures, but I have always been terrible with taking photos of nails..on top of that this colour by MUA is abit of an odd one because in some lights it appears pink and others more lilac. My hands are hardly the daintiest and in general I don’t tend to dress up my nails, so when I do it’s at least worth a blog post right? 

To create a lilac glitter ombre you will need:
  • A lilac polish (I used MUA’s lush lilac)
  • A glitter polish (Mine is Barry M’s silver glitter and I think this is the most gorgeous glitter shade because the rainbow effect of the particles make it look almost holographic ^_^)
  • A clear polish

lilac glitter ombre nail art

Step 1: Paint two or three coats of the lilac polish (however many coats needed for an opaque finish and allow to dry)

Step 2: Paint the nail from 3/4 of the way up with one layer of glitter polish. Let this dry before moving on.

Step 3: This time starting from the middle of the nail, paint one even layer of the glitter polish.

Step 4: Once the glitter has dried and is not tacky in the slightest, paint 1 or 2 layers on the last quarter (tip) of the nail so most of the glitter is concentrated on the white part of a French manicure.

Finally – finish with a clear polish to prolong your pretty nails and clean up any mess with cotton buds and nail polish remover

et voila!