Here are a few of my favourite blogs...

Here are a few of my favourite blogs...

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all well! This weekend it has been Eid, and I’ve enjoyed two days of kicking back and spending time with the family. Although I love my job, I don’t remember the last time I had the full Saturday and Sunday to myself and it was awesome!

I decided today to share with my lovely readers a couple of my absolute favourite blogs. I reads so many blogs on a weekly basis and consequently I have a good few favourites so I’m going to be doing a couple of these over the next few months ^_^ These six blogs here are ones I check on a regular basis and I have been for months now. If you have a bloglovin account, follow these lovelies and thank me later! (Oh and be sure to download the bloglovin app on your smartphone which’ll make it easier to keep up to date, and have a catchup when you’re on a train or waiting at the doctors office etc.)

Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

Vanessa was one of the very first blogs I followed a year and three months ago, we had both started blogging recently and it was so nice to connect to someone who was absolutly hilarious, from across the world about beauty! Onto Vanessa’s blog, it’s by far one of the most outstanding I have read. This girl is SO incredibly talented with photography and she just modestly brushes it off, but go have a flick through a couple of her posts and you will be blown away. Vanessa is also known as the Blush Queen *swoons* I love Vanessa’s wit, the occasional GIFs used and the way her swatches are ALWAYS perfect (she is magic at fotos ok). Also she has some amazing advice/tips posts for photography/lenses etc.

A few of my favourite posts from Vanessa: The Autumn Flushes, You Just Got Litt Up, The Photography Edit (These will make you believe in love at first sight for sure)

Daphne | Subgenre Of A Dream

Another blog that I’ve been following for well over a year, Daphne’s blogposts are wonderful and she occasionally makes YouTube videos too! I love the style of Daphne’s writing, with both her beauty posts and her personal/updates. I’ve also learnt a lot from her blog posts, and that is what I really value in blogs that I read, when something from a post sticks in your mind (eg her continuous raving of the NARS tinted moisturiser, or a revision tip) you know it’s a fantastic blog! Also I adore bloggers who add little anecdotes here and there, it is such a lovely personal touch that can make reading about an eyeliner, or a face mask a whole lot more interesting - so enjoy those as you browse through her beautiful blog!

A couple of my favourites from Daphne: If Its Good Enough For Mum, Review: The Amazonia Clay Blushes, Review: Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque

Kal | Cluttered Closet

I’ve been following Kal’s blog for around 6 months now, and it’s easily one of my favourites! The variety of beauty posts and the way she adds so much detail to her reviews makes her recommendations invaluable. I picked up the Bourjois CC cream which I ADORE because of Kal’s fantastic review! Kal has several ‘series’ on her blog one being ‘Top 5s’ and another being ‘Under £10’. She covers a range of price points, and hair as well as beauty products. Her product directory (which is updated often unlike mine) features an impressive array of reviews, and like I said the level of detail included in each is really appreciated it! Plus Kal is just such a lovely caring person, do follow her on twitter too ^_^ Oh and I should mention Kal is around NC40 in skintone and so makeup wise, her blog is extremely useful if you have the same skintone especially! (Of course her posts are awesome for all skintones but I say this because I know I have a lot of asian followers who could do with another blog written by medium skintones to add to their list ^_^)

A couple of my favourites from Kal: Top Five: Kiko Cosmetics, Under £10: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, TheBalm Dream Team

Louise | Lilting-Grace

Louise’s blog and Vanessa’s blog, those two are the ones I immediately turn to when I need a bit of cheering up, because they both have an amazing ability to lace their fantastic humour into posts about beauty! Makeup AND funny? Yes Please ^_^ Miss Louise to me is the Lipstick QUEEN, and quite the high-end one at that! Her photos are gorgeous, I think nearly each post includes a GIF which normally has me tearing up with laughter, and the reviews are just brilliant. Very honest, very accurate and detail with beautiful clear swatch photos and selfies that will give you MAJOR HAIR ENVY!! Louise is now a cruelty free blogger, so for any of my readers that are also boycotting, a lot of the products Louise talks about have the thumbs up (seems that brands that are NOT cruelty free regarding animal testing, also donate large amounts of money to having Palestinian children murdered, coincidence? hmm.)

A few of my favourites from Louise: Tarte Haul and First Impressions, Because, I like dressing up like my grandma sometimes-- Bésame Summer 2014 'Resort Collection' Haul and Review, I spent too much $$ but it's okay because it's true love-- A review on the Guerlain Rouge G's

Pauline | Asianhomie101

Pauline is one of the nicest girls I have ‘met’ through the blogosphere, and I am so thankful to be able to connect with her through the web! She is a YouTuber as well as a blogger, and her reviews are phenomenal you guys. The level of detail included is just fantastic and something which I think a lot of bloggers can get sloppy on, when you want to know about a product you want to KNOW all about it y’know? Not just if it worked for that person, and I really appreciate that Pauline understands this. She also has lovely GRWM vids and lots of recommendations from the US drugstore too!

A few of my favourites from Pauline: Four or more makeup tag, Review of Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Dark Brown, Video: Back to school: Makeup Touch Up Bag


Poppy | Miss Everyday Elegance

Poppy is the only fashion/style/lifestyle blogger I check regularly because honestly I’m not massively into fashion, but Poppy’s blog is filled with inspiration, beautiful large photos and of course Poppy herself who is utterly gorgeous! Seriously she could easily become a model, and again HAIR ENVY ALERT! I love how Miss Everydayelegance is has great tips for finding gems elsewhere from the highstreet, as well as DIY clothes upcycling and in general a mix of updates and tips for the petite (something I am not, but a heads up to any of my petit readers!)

A few of my favourites from Poppy: Summer Reflections, Thrifty Winter Coats, A New Lease of Life

These are the six blogs that I have been following for a while, and each one I check on a fairly regular basis. They’re gems, each of them and the bloggers themselves are wonderful people who I feel very lucky to have met through the blogosphere! I have so many more wonderful blogs to share with you, but for now enjoy these and feel free to comment below some of YOUR favourites! Sharing is caring as they say ^_^

Thanks for reading!

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