Current Night Skincare Routine

current night time skincare routine
Hello ladies! A couple of months back I shared my morning skincare routine (read here), and today I’ll be discussing the items I’ve been using recently at night. As I said before this is the first year I even started a skincare routine, and so I’m switching things up pretty often. This is why every now and again I’ll be sharing the items I’m using ^_^

I also want to mention that skincare is SO important. A lot more so than you may realise at first, but without a good bareskin base it’s hard to achieve an even finish with makeup on top. The best way to address what YOU need for your skin is to think about the issues your skin has, is it blemish prone? Oily? Dry? Dehydrated?

Personally my skin was normal/dry and sits now more on normal because I’ve consistently been using moisturising products, oils and just generally taking care of my skin! I also have uneven pigmentation and very dark circles. Aside from that I have been blessed with fairly decent skin so do keep that in mind, what works for me may/may not work for you.


A few weeks ago I picked up this adorable cake stand from Sainsburys. It was on sale and I’ve been obsessed with the whole heart theme recently, so I knew it would be perfect for my dressing table! I like to keep all my little current skincare bits and bobs on here, not only are they all in one place and easily accessible,  but they match the heart shaped bowls that keep my current rotation all together. Of course I can’t keep EVERYTHING on here, like the larger bottles, but it works well for pots and tubes. (Also they’re generally lying down, contrary to this photo haha).


For under my eyes I have been using 100% sweet almond oil, which I discussed in a post recently. I have heard that this specific oil is good for dark circles, and with continuous use over the past month I have noticed a slight reduction! However I’m not making any wild claims, I have trouble sleeping often and so my dark circles are pretty much a never ending battle...we shall see if there are any differences in a few months!

If you’ve ever read up about the benefits of Olive oil you will know that it has a tonne of uses and SAO is just as awesome. So much so that I have been using a few drops of this as replacement over moisturiser for the night time, just lightly patting it into my cheeks and forehead. I have normal/dry skin and since using this instead of a moisturiser I have been waking up with plump, hydrated skin. I would also happily use this as a cleanser too, because its 100% natural and super nourishing! I can’t say enough good things about the OCM, but do be sure to research a little into it as it has changed people’s skin for the better (and saves a heap of money too).


Around my mouth/upper lip area I have some colouration/uneven pigmentation. I think is pretty natural, however I also have a hunch that my skin was coloured for a long while by using a facial bleach D: Before I started threading the upper-lip area, I used to bleach it and lets just say facial or not, that stuff can be very strong! I’m not sure if I applied it for too long or perhaps too often, but I do think it left lasting pigment.

The only thing I could think of, that targets uneven skin tone which I could think of was Bio-Oil. Now I know that this is great for stretch marks, and it’s probably not the most gentle oil to apply to facial skin because I hear it contains mineral oil. However I have just been applying two drops every night, directly over the upper lip/mouth area on my face and much to my delight the results have been amazing! I would say it’s faded by 85% which really blew me away. This was such a ground-breaking product for me because it means I have less concealing to do and I can get away with one layer of my base too.

superdrug deep action anti-blemish gel
For blemishes and redness I took a chance with Superdrug deep action anti-blemish gel and because it was so cheap, to be quite honest I didn’t have high hopes. However it has reduced the redness around my nose slightly, and it’s also somehow calmed down spots/red areas. For such a small price tag, this 15ml tube is pretty awesome!

A very recent addition to my night routine is this Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum  which I bought on a whim. I will report back if there is any noticeable difference, and indeed if I even remember to use it regularly! It’s pretty self explanatory but y’know a gel for the teeth to whiten them, a must attempt for tea lover.

For lips recently I’ve just been using my classic carmex moisturising lip balm which I got in a glossy box. I think its a decent lip balm, with a slight tingling sensation, a thin consistency but still managing to add moisture. I don’t feel like its the best for overnight, as I don’t wake up with super soft lips and all in all I still prefer my blistex to this, but like I said it does the job!

And that is it for my night-time routine! I am currently using up my makeup removers from The Body Shop and Garnier, both brands I will not be purchasing from again because they both support Israel’s war crimes (or are unfortunately owned by a super brand that does). I know this is a bit of a random selection but these are what have been working well for me lately.

Have you been tried any of these? and also do you use any oils in your night time routine?

Thanks for reading!