September 2014 Favourites

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Hello! I hope you’re all doing well. September has been the month of new beginnings for everyone aside from University students. Does anyone else feel like our holidays are too long? I have to say despite having a load of work already, I am pretty happy to be back at Uni. (Having said that it’s only been two days, but still lets start off on a positive note!)

This month I started somewhat of a rota again with my stash. In an effort to use up unethical products and also try out new products, I had a strict list to work with for two weeks and then a one week break to just wear whatever I wanted. I’ve really enjoyed doing this rota because it’s meant I have had to use products in my collection that I normally wouldn’t be too fussed about. E.G Sleek Pumpkin Blush-By-3! (Reviewed here).

essence lipgloss 06 essence i heart extreme volume mascara rimmel lip liner addiction

Essence I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara | £2.80

This is the first mascara that has ever made it into a monthly favourites of mine *applause*. The reason why is because it really does what it says on the tube, and boy does it do it well. Those who dislike clumpy lashes, this might not be for you, I feel like it has some sort of fibres to it because my lashes look a great deal thicker, and it’s almost like a fake lash effect. Definitely not one for everyday but used with a lengthening mascara first, this one is amazing and at such a fantastic price too!

Essence XXXL Lipgloss Matt effect 06  | £2.30

This has been my go-to lip colour as of late, a gorgeous brown nude which looks so wonderful on olive skintones. It is similar to that famous Kylie Jenner brown but perhaps a little warmer. As for the matt effect, I would describe it as more of a velvetish texture, it’s not glossy and its not drying. With the lipliner it lasts a good 6ish hours, it does fade but I’m really not one to keep checking, so if a product is still on my lips after 3 hours and looks semi-decent I’m happy!


Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner - Addiction | £3.99

From Rimmel’s new retractable lip liner range, and this shade is a wonderful mauvey pink. It does a great job at making lips look defined and larger, and the shape of the liner helps a lot too! I always apply this before I wear the above ‘matt gloss’, but I enjoy wearing it on it’s on too. A sophisticated neutral shade that is a must for every girl!


bourjois healthy balance powder bourjois bronzing duo

Face wise this month Bourjois has been running the show for me!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder | £8.99

The first powder I ever truly loved, this compact with it’s slight coverage and amazing ability to not matteify but still set my base has blown me away. For the past week and a half I’ve been testing out the brand new BareMinerals Bareskin foundation, and with the warmer weather we have randomly been experiencing and it’s dewy finish I have found myself reaching for this quite often. It prolongs my base time by at least 3 hours and if I apply my bareskin foundation at 10am and don’t set it, but then around 5pm I apply a little of this powder, my face looks fresh and almost as if I’ve just done my makeup. I cannot express how much love I have for this pot, thank-you Bourjois!!


Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer Duo | £6.75 from lookfantastic

The second has been this duo, which surprised me more than anything. At first glance you can see little shimmers in the pan, nat cool, but when applied on the skin I don’t notice it at all. What I do see is a great mix between cool and warm, thus very suitable for contouring the cheekbones whilst adding a wee bit of warmth! The highlight is subtle and slightly yellow toned, it’s not my favourite (we all know Mary-Lou has had that spot for well over a year!) but it’s great for work/Uni when perhaps one does not always want to shine bright like a diamond.


pure almond oil iherb

Sweet Almond Oil | £5.65

The only skincare favourite from this month has been this 100% pure sweet almond oil. I purchased this from iherb and the reason was because I was watching HudaBeauty talk about concealing dark circles, and she mentioned a product that contained this. I knew it would be relatively cheap and why buy a £50+ product when you can buy a possibly amazing part of it alone for a fraction of that price! I have been using this every single night for 3 weeks running, and I have noticed a slight reduction in my dark circles. Unfortunately I’ve had a couple of bad nights recently and so they’re playing havoc again, but I think with some dedication and constant use over a long period of time this oil will work better than slices of cucumbers ever did for me!

And that is about it for the month of September! Keep an eye out later today because I have a very excited product to share with you, from Benefit! Until then, have a lovely weekend ^_^

What were some of your favourites from September? If you’re a blogger please link your favourites below, I’d love to have a read when I get the time :)

Thanks for reading!

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