The Tag For Makeup Addicts

The Tag For Makeup Addicts

Hello, hello, hello everyone! Today I am back with a TAG post which is exciting because I’ve not done one of these in a while. A huge thank you to the lovely Sheri from She is a lovely Australian blogger, who focuses mainly on beauty but writes wonderfully well in whichever topic she chooses. I especially love her tips on starting University - very helpful!

Also this tag seems perfect for me, as I gaze at my dressing table and sigh because the drawer of palettes is over flowing, my muji drawers are unorganised and the bowls which I keep my current rotation seem to be over spilling. Tsk.

Anyways on to the tag, so I can procrastinate organising makeup for a while longer.


1. Which Product do you keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?

Hmm the first thought that came to mind was concealers, because I always seem to be picking up Collection’s lasting perfect in the 3for2 sales, however the thing that I keep buying more of is blusher. I just cannot get enough, especially when it comes to brands like Illamasqua and NARS who’s quality and longevity blow me away. I recently bought this ‘box of blushers’ from Benefit which is well worth checking out if you’re new to their shade range (post here). My Sleek blush-by-3 collection is nearly complete and WELP the x-mas sales are fast approaching so y’know I’ll probably have added 2 or 3 more of Illamasqua's line because they KNOW HOW TO DO A SALE! NARS, Chanel and Dior if you could take note and knock 50% off your products too I’d be super grateful. Thanks xox


2. What’s the one product you can’t live without?

Concealer. Of two shades, an orange/peach tone more specifically the Benefit Erase Paste in Shade 3 and a lighter and thicker shade to cover brighten up the darkness and hide the redness/blemishes.


3.Favourite Makeup Brand?

Excuse me, but whoever came up with these questions should know this was a stupid question for a makeup lover ._. Idc I’m not picking one: NARS, Illamasqua, Bourjois and Rimmel London. They can have a quarter each ;D


4. How big is your makeup collection?

It’s very big. Enough for me and enough for you and probably a small mound left over. Haha how terrible does that sound? In fairness I use the majority of it, and it’s not even a tenth as large as some of those crazies on YT with whole ROOMS dedicated to makeup! Still though, I’m happy with what I have and recognise that I have enough...for now.


5. And how do you store it?

I have a stack of muji drawers which I may be doing a post about in the future. I keep all palettes in a large drawer in my dressing table. My current rotation is kept in a large heart shaped bowl on my desk and lip liners, eyeliners and extra concealers are all kept in these cute DIY’d pots which I made a post about here. I am also slightly guilty of having a draw of things I need to use once the current one is finished, egg mascaras from beauty boxes, eyeliners etc..


6. How many items of makeup have you got in your handbag at the moment?

A fair amount! Due to commuting at quite an early hour I like to be well equipped to do my eyeliner and add a bit of lippy before my journey is over. Currently I have my bourjois healthy balance powder, 3 lip products,an eyeliner, a mascara, and a lip balm.


7. If you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?

This may be cheating because she is a HUGE international blogger, but c’mon who wouldn’t want to raid HudaBeauty’s stash?! The photos on instagram have me swooning all the time, and as she’s only a touch fairer than me I think I could get away with her foundation shades. *sigh* A girl can dream right?


8. How long does your usual makeup routine take and how many products do you use?

I’ve managed to get it down to about 8 minutes and that is concealing under eye circles, a light base/quick dabs of concealer, brows, blush and an all over bronzer. However when I give myself the time I like to sit for 15-20 watch two YT vids and take my time with the eyeshadow, highlight and a little bit of contouring too.


9. Have you ever bought makeup knowing your wouldn’t use it?

...not KNOWING that I wouldn’t use it, but sometimes of FragranceDirect I did get a little bit carried away with the insane bargains and through trying to get to the free delivery amount I have bought one or two shades of lip products which clash disastrously with my complexion. But aside from that I’ve got no idea why ANYONE would buy makeup despite knowing they wouldn’t use it??

10. Tag a few other makeup addicts to do this tag!

This was a fun little tag to do! I tag:

Tanjia & Maryam from Beauteabible,

Louise from nonfictionbeauty

Tamana from TamannaMUA

Kal from TheClutteredCloset

Nabiha from thesundaywardrobe

and if you’ve done this tag please leave your link below! Are YOU a makeup addict?

Thanks for reading!

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