My Autumn Essentials

my autumn essentials the blushing giraffe

Hello everybody ^_^ I hope you’re all well. Uni has really started to take it’s toll on me, hence the lack of posts. I think more than anything it’s the lack of light and less time for photography which is adding to this dilemma! Anyway’s the clocks are turning this weekend so hopefully that extra hour will help us bloggers out a little ^_^ I wanted to make a little post about the things I think are Autumn Essentials, on we go;

A lip balm that actually works
There are tonnes of lip balms on the market, but for autumn everyone needs one that actually does what it is supposed to do. I’m currently using up a pot of carmex which I got with a glossy box, and it works pretty well. My ultimate favourite, however is the blistex one (reviewed here).

Berry/Brown hues for the lips
Everytime autumn rolls around people dig out their favourite berry shades, and I’m usually not an exception to this - albeit picking sheerer tones. This year I’ve leaned more heavily towards the 90’s inspired brown tones and mauvey shades. Two of my favourites are Essence’s XXXL longlasting Lip Gloss in MATT effect - 06. This is a beautiful dusty rose/mauve shade and I would describe the finish as more of a velvet kind than matt. It feels pretty moisturising and suits most looks, so it’s a total winner for me!

The second one I’ve been loving is a new release from Rimmel London, their new Provocalips in the shade Make your move. I will be reviewing this real soon hence the lack of swatch, but it is the most PERFECT longlasting lip product I have ever come across. Ever. Oh and it’s not drying! I also adore their lip liner in the shade Spice. It’s extremely flattering for women of colour, and mix between the Kylie G and 90s lip, well worth picking up!

Zoya Polish in ‘Aubrey’

I was kindly gifted this Zoya polish in Aubrey* and quickly fell in love with the shade. I don’t think they could have picked a more ME shade actually! My favourite colour of all time to wear on my nails is purple, and this is such a complimentary shade for olive skintones. The formula is just what I would expect from a quality brand like Zoya (which is toxin free) and it lasted a decent 4 days before I had any chips which I was very pleased with ^_^

Also when writing this post it just hit me that Drake’s first name is Aubrey so every time I apply this now I’ll probably be humming a Drizzy tune haha.

Illamasqua blush in Allure

What is it about this time of the year that makes skin look a little dull? The lack of sunlight, the cold weather or maybe the business of Uni having started. Whatever it is, picking a blusher that has a satin finish, or even a tiny bit of shimmer is a really easy way to bring some life into your face again! People tend to shy away from anything shimmer, and that’s how I felt about the Illamasqua blush in Allure for the longest time, however once blended in with the RT duo-fibre contour brush, it really gives a gorgeous glow to the skin and you can barely see the shimmer unless you’re like 5cm away from my face. Plus the shade is PERFECT for autumn, a stunning dusty rose/mauve which looks like meh in the pan, but amazing on the skin! 

L’Occitane rose hand cream the blushing giraffe

I have a large bottle of the Soap& Glory hand food on my desk so whenever I sit down to do some work I give my hands a bit of TLC. I’ve had this since last December and it’s still going strong, so do check it out this year when they have their amazing 3for2 sales on! I also love having a tube of hand-cream in my bag. At the moment I have the L’Occitane one which I got free with a mag a while back, (and I believe there’s another magazine out right now that’s offering a similar bottle!) and not only is the packaging pretty, but it smells delightful and is non-greasy too.

These have been the best shoe investment this year. They’re super comfy and make commuting a breeze. Especially when waiting around for the bus to come, sometimes I’m standing for half an hour and so I need to have shoes that give my feet the VIP treatment every time ;D plus they’re so classic and go with the whole old-school vibe of brown lips rather well. I’m a comfort over style person 99% of the time, and if you’re on the market for comfy versatile trainers I’d really recommend picking these up.

due to not possessing the swaggy skills of fblogger I have no decent photo, sorreh

Those are the things that I have been using time and time again this autumn, and each of them I think you should would like too.

Have you got any Autumn Essentials? I’d love to read what they are ^_^

P.S Due to the rubbish lighting I thought I’d snazz these photos up with some filters and whatnot from picmonkey. Turns out the snazzing got a little outta control, I hope this doesn’t become a habit._.

Thanks for reading!