April Catchup

April update catchup

swans at the lake

Hello everyone, it’s time for my monthly update post. April has been a pretty good. I mean if I had to rate it I’d say 8/10, which is not bad! Of course it went by faster than the last but who isn’t used to that by now? I know I have! The weather in April went from very windy to pretty sunny and that was both great (for family walks around the lake) and frustrating when I was stuck indoors behind my laptop working towards my final deadlines of the year. This lake in particular is hugely popular around where I live and the peddle swan boats are just so much fun on a warm day! We totally forgot to bring left over bread for the ducks and swans which was kinda sad  because these two beauties swam up to up the moment we sat down quite clearly expecting some food.

Photo 03-04-2015 11 54 25 pm (970x620)

A lovely trip to Ikea, always great for interior inspiration and for pretending you’re a different type of family in every show room you sit in hehe.

indoor and outdoor beauty

Two types of beautiful this month - the first being Primark’s new range of Moroccan inspired lights. Yes you read that correctly, PRIMARK. For only £6 and although I was unsure if battery operated lights would be economical, I realised rechargeable ones work very well (oops). I love the patterns reflected on the wall as well as the copper colour. When I started decorating my bedroom I really wanted it to be covered in the Moroccan/Turkish vibe, but now it has bits and pieces and I love this one! The second is this pink blossom tree, so so beautiful! When I see these in bloom I know it’s officially spring time.

Admiring Allah's beautiful creation 

Finally, April seems to be the month of beautiful sunsets! I am loving the longer days we are having and 8pm has become one of my favourite times of the day to admire the beauty outside my window!

I’ve sort of started a new workout programme/routine but then I realised I don’t have time to commit to it right now so that will commence at the end of May, oh yes and I have 4 lovely exams coming up too! So I have queued a couple of posts and please know that I appreciate all comments and read them too but I’ll be a bit slow at replying. I promise to get back to them asap and I’m already looking forwards to having a big blog reading catch-up too. I hope you’re all getting on alright with revision if you have exams coming up too - remember summer is around the corner, we can do this!

I’ve been quite a shopaholic this month so expect a bunch of reviews after exams, plus it’s my birthday next month and quite a significant one, - the big 20! I kinda feel like I’m coming to the end of an era, I’ll no longer be a ‘teen’ even though I’ve considered myself a semi-adult for the past three year haha. To be honest with you all I got a teeeensy bit emotional thinking about it which is so silly because it is a huge blessing to be able to reach this age. When I think about all the people around the world who didn’t get to live past 18 even, it just puts things into perspective again and you can expect a couple of posts related to moving on into my twenties amongst the usual reviews and faves.

Oh and finally how on earth could I forget?! I decided to switch up my layout a little bit and I bought a theme from this etsy store, very reasonably priced and EXCELLENT customer service. Seriously you guys I was blown away by the speed of their response when I needed help adjusting bits and bobs, I’d highly recommend! Also I have hired an illustrator to redraw the giraffe you have all seen, because it’s almost been two years since I started this blog and I wanted a bit of a change. I will dedicate a whole post to that when it is complete because this illustrator is amazing and from what I have seen so far, I am really impressed!

How has your April been?


Thank-you for reading ♥

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