Review | Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb/Melt

lush golden egg bath bomb bath melter review

Hello everyone, today I have a quick review of the bath bomb that I fell in love with as soon as I set eyes upon it  - the golden egg*! Available for a limited time over the Easter period -  Ok *sad pause* I just realised that I am actually too late with this review, it no longer seems to be online which is most upsetting. Do make sure you check in store though because you could be one of the lucky ones who picks up the remaining few.. also this came back from 2014, so here’s hoping 2016 is just as sparkly!

Covered in soft golden glitter this egg literally feels like a real treat to own and I was incredibly excited to receive it in my Lush goodybag as from the whole easter line up that was the one I was most intrigued by. I know many people were put off by the glitter, but once it’s popped into the baths only a tiny bit transfers onto the skin when you leave the tub and it is VERY easy to rinse away afterwards. The bath bomb (and melt)  whirls round and round and begins to melt, with white froth and golden glitter, looking pretty darn magical. As it is a bomb and melt combined it takes a lot longer than your standard bath bomb to fizzle out.

The main thought I had as I watched it fizzle away, which satisfyingly took longer than I expected, was of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. True Potter fans will know exactly what I mean, those beautiful golden eggs given to them as a clue for a task! The glitter doesn’t stick around for the whole baths, it sinks to the bottom and the water turns a true yellow colour which is a bit of a shame, especially as when you touch the bath bomb your fingers get covered in soft glitter, it would have been nice for it to have floated around the tub.

The eggs itself smells sweet, sort of like toffee and honey with a hint of vanilla Nothing over-powering but enough of a scent that my weak nostrils were able to pick it up and I love it. Coated in cocoa butter and containing olive oil its certainly one of the more moisturising bath treats and I certainly would purchase this again and again and again!

Did you try any of the Easter Lush range? Which is your favourite bath bomb from them?

Thank-you for reading ♥
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