Hijab | Lulu Bag Review!

lulu bag hijab subscription review

Hello everyone! I want to introduce a new section into my blog titled ‘hijabs and jewels’. It’ll probably only be once a month at the most, but as you probably know I wear a hijab and there are so many companies out there offering lots of hijabs (and jewels) that I thought it would be beneficial to review some of them here on my blog! The first review is on an awesome concept and very similar to beauty boxes but with hijabs instead! It’s called a ‘Lulu bag.’

What is Lulu Bag?

Lulu bag is a subscription where you can get a scarf with lovely accessories that compliment it. (Jewellery, hijab pins, hijab cap are all some examples although it varies from customer to customer) and its all wrapped neatly in purple paper and slotted into a lulu bag!  Now I apologise for the state of the purple crepe paper, it was NOT like that when I opened it, but as you can probably tell I can’t wrap things well at all ._. ANYWAYS back to the review. So the best element of the lulu bag in my opinion is that everything in the bag is a surprise, and it’s a wonderful way of adding to your hijab and accessories collection without going for the same old that you normally pick!  There is also a brand new option called the ‘Scarf Bag’ which has TWO scarves rather than one and an accessory. This is probably more suited to a hijab wearer, however the first option is brilliant for those who wear the hijab and for those who like to accessorise outfits with scarves!

One of my favourite things about this subscription bag is you do have some level of control for what kind of bag you’ll get, without ruining that element of surprise. There are three categories to choose from are Classy - which are more plain and ‘elegant’ scarves, with classic jewellery pieces. Funky has more printed scarves and is a little more ‘fun’ and the third is a blend of the two. You can also leave the lovely people of Lulu bag a message stating anything you don’t want (e.g necklaces if you know you wouldn’t wear them) and also what you might like to receive.

lulu bag hijab subscription review

My First Lu’ Lu’ bag

So unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of each bag because as you can tell by my lack of birchbox posts, subscriptions clearly make me a little bit too excited and one moment they’re all beautifully wrapped up and the next I’ve used everything, separated it and probably missed me chance, tsk! Anyways my first lulu bag included this lovely welcoming note, which introduced me to the concept and I think it’s such a lovely touch - indeed surprises are fun!

lulu bag hijab subscription review

n my first bag I received this lovely blue, green and white stripped scarf which is the perfect for the summer time in my opinion. It came with a lovely matching underscarf piece, the blue colour matches perfectly and is also so useful for many of my other hijabs!

lulu bag hijab subscription review

My jewellery pieces from this bag were this silver and white necklace. I love how the length of the necklace is long enough to wear with a hijab, and it even has a matching fancy hijab pin! For someone who doesn’t always make a huge effort with my hijab (I normally leave it to last) these accessories have prompted me to make more of an effort and I really appreciated all these things put together for me.

lulu bag hijab subscription review

And finally my favourite part of my first Lu’ Lu’ bag was without a doubt this beautiful pin cushion! Most hijab wearers tend to use pins to secure their scarves, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ALWAYS losing mine! Or sometimes I’ll dash out of the house and need to secure my scarf in the car on the way to work, so having a little pin cushion for my handbag is perfect. I have one for home, and through my three month subscription I will now have one just for my car ^_^

Options When Purchasing
You can purchase one bag alone for £17, a three month subscription for £15 each or a 12 month subscription for £15 each, receiving the final bag for free! International delivery is also available and all details can be found here. 

My final Lu Lu Bag (for now)
I’d just like to share my last lulu bag to give you another flavour for what you could get, and my final thoughts ^_^

lulu bag hijab subscription review lulu bag hijab subscription review

This is by far one of the most beautiful hijabs I have ever seen in my life and honestly these photos just do not do it justice! It is a dark blue and emerald green ombre scarf which is super soft. This is such a versatile scarf in my opinion, it can be the centrepiece of the outfit, by wearing plain prints and colours, or it can match a skirt/jacket etc; I am in love!

lu'lu'bag accessories

And these are my beautiful accessories from the bag! I have my first ever pin book, which is so space efficient and can literally be slipped into the pocket of any handbag or even pocket! This green bonnet hijab cap which again is lovely as I have so many neutral colours, it’s great to add some coloured ones to my collection. The bangles are amazing! Two are metal and two are cloth like. Personally I love having jewellery in my collection that ISN’T from the high street and has more of a uniqueness about it ^_^

I think Lu’Lu’ bag is such a wonderful concept! The people I believe will benefit most from the subscriptions are ladies new to the hijab who would really appreciate getting a beautiful bundle of essentials AND treats! Also ladies who aren’t able to purchase a variety of hijab related items as well as those who aren’t sure how to match things up (like me!). It is such a special monthly treat and two of my favourite hijabs as of late have been from this (one being a black to grey ombre scarf with paisley pattern) which is super soft and made of viscose. GAH Until you hold a viscose scarf in your hands you won’t understand just HOW wonderful they are! Although it could seem a little pricy for a student budget, the amount of things you get, as well as the high quality mean its actually such great value for money. They also make WONDERFUL gifts for any sister, mother or friend too. I would recommend every hijab wearer and also every woman who enjoys accessorising with scarves to give this service a go - if I didn't have over 25 hijabs in my collection already I would be signed up still ^_^

Thank-you for reading ♥