Glitter Cups | #JANBLOG 26

glitter cups ikea
Hello! I hope you are all well and ready for the week to start (oh Mondays how I love thee)
This is maybe a bit of a cheat post, but I really want to share this lovely YouTube video with you all because it has inspired me to get a little creative (something I don’t tend to normally do!)

I bought the cups from Ikea in their ‘discounts’ room I think for 30p each! and the glitter and modpodge were from ebay, not too happy with how chunky the glitter is, and if I do it again I’ll try to find some finer stuff..but overall I am really happy with how they turned out, and I love that they’ll add a bit of sparkle without going over the top.

Four cups/pots - one with cotton bud, one with lipliners, another with eyeliners and finally the fourth with concealers and primers (well a few of them haha). I thought these would look really pretty in my new bedroom, and it’s a lot easier to find these types of things when they’re not all in a pile or in a makeup bag!
*10 minutes after writing this* erm..looks like the video isn’t there anymore, how irritating. It was done by hellokatyxo if anyone was wondering..luckily I found a blog post telling you the exact same thing – link

Have you been inspired and made your own pretty decor? I’d love to see the post if you have ^_^
Thanks for reading!