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topshop highlighter gleam glow review swatch

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re well and enjoying the holidays - I know I’m enjoying posting daily for sure! A couple of months ago I picked up Topshop’s cream highlighter in Gleam (link) - £9 and I’m now ready to let you guys know how I feel about it.

Packaging: I love Topshop makeup packaging, the font is really cute and the little asterisks on this pot is a quirky touch too. I think the frosted glass finish makes the whole thing more worth its price than if it had been packaged in plastic. Size wise it’s perfect for slotting into a makeup bag, or in a corner of my muji storage. You get 4g of product, which I was a little surprised about because judging on the weight of the highlighter you’d think there was at least 8-10g, but the glass probably explains that!

topshop highlighter gleam glow review swatch

topshop highlighter gleam glow review swatchColour: I adore this shade, it is golden tone and that’s the sort I always favour over pink tones as it blends beautifully with my olive and very much yellow under-toned skin! Although it looks very bronzy in the packaging and in all the swatches I have seen on other blogs, when dabbed lightly onto the tops of the cheekbones and down the bridge on the nose it appears to have more of a subtle almost silvery gold sheen on the skin. In fact if you google this product you will see lots of bronzy swatches, and my only possible explanation for that is they are taking out far too much product, because for me it isn’t anywhere as bronze on my cheekbones or my arm! It’s subtle enough to catch the light as you turn your head, without looking OTT. I guess it’s like the J.LO Glow, you look fab without looking like you’ve rolled in glitter haha. However a word of warning - if you over apply it, the layers end up looking quite harsh and unflattering, so using a little at a time is what I would recommend (:

I had a #swatchfail again, but I think you can pretty much see that its a lovely mix of opal-gold and nothing like colour in the pan!

topshop highlighter gleam glow review swatch

Application: Due to the size of the pot (probably about the width of a 10p coin) the only easy way of applying this is with the fingers, and the consistency of the highlighter is almost mousey so I imagine it would be difficult to apply with a brush. Also the warmth of your fingers allows the highlighter to blend beautifully into the skin. I wouldn’t describe it as particularly emollient - it does have the tendency to sit on the skin if over applied, but light patting motions on the cheekbones give a beautiful glow to the skin. I do think a little goes a long way so although the price is a little steep, it’ll be worth it in the long run for sure.


Final Verdict:

Rating: 7.8

Pros: The colour is beautiful, it applies much lighter than it appears in the pot, it looks gorgeous with tanned skin, quickly apply it with fingers, small and easy to store away, the packaging is cute! All in all I would say the highlighter has been named perfectly - it offers that glow and for daytime use I would recommend dusting a LITTLE setting powder over the top which will make it a little less glowy but still give you something ^_^

Cons: It’s quite pricy for a highlighter and it really can look awful if over applied.

Repurchase? Hmm..I’m on the fence, I think for starters it’ll be a while before I have to repurchase this anyways, but I will possibly if I find myself really missing it. I suppose time will tell!

Have you tried Topshop makeup before? What are your favourites?

P.S Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on yesterdays post, I will definitely reply to them soon, just on my way to the work x-mas party,  but I really appreciate them <3

Thank-you for reading ♥

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