August Haul

Hello my lovelies ^_^
I wanted to show you some of the bits and pieces I’ve bought this month and a couple of kind gifts too ^_^
I wasn’t intending to splurge or treat myself as early this month...
I got myself an iPhone 4S (finally) so I was slightly skint..but since Eid (eidi money) and also getting results and lots of lovely congratulations cards, I’ve also been treated to some monies from my overly generous and ever thoughtful family.

Starting with clothing (though this isn’t a fashion blog in the slightest, it’s still somewhat interesting right D: you tell me?) - The two stars of this month have been H&M and Primarni. Ok guys the sheer difficulty to photography these was the most frustrating challenge I've faced since starting this blog ._____.

The H&M pictures come out terribly so I’ll link them instead-
1. Black cardigan • £10 • link basically this is what it is, simply a black cardie, a must have in every wardrobe. I already had a lovely one from H&M that I purchased a while back. It’s perfect for summer with slightly rolled up sleeves and was looking for a back up of that actually as I wear one to work but I couldn't find it so settled for this.

2. Plum T-shirt • £6.99 •  anyone who knows me will know I am slightly obsessed with autumn/winter colours. I love khaki and am instantly drawn towards it and its the same for burgundy's, mustards and maroons. I think these colours especially compliment medium skin tones and that's why? Or maybe it's just a long phase..whatever the reason I picked this his tee out because H&M are great for layering and they make good quality goods ^_^ Also the material of these t-shirts light and perfect for layering (great for all seasons!)

apologies for how unironed these are ._. I promise when I wear them they will feel the heat of the iron

1. Beatles T-shirt • £8This is an oversized black t-shirt with the iconic photo of the Beatles crossing the road. It looks more faded than it actually it is as because I had to adjust the colour so the colour of the cardigan would look more accurate. But anyways I'm a big lover of larger tees and also men’s t-shirts as they look more modest and feel more comfy. They’re also great for layering too. I’ve wanted a Beatles T for the longest time, but when H&M made them they ran on the shorter side, so I had to pick this up as soon as I saw it.

2. Burgundy long cardie • £8 • I’ve been looking for long cardies for a long time that are good quality and not that stretchy sorta material. Primark are doing a range of autumn colours with these cardigans, which are a sort of granddad style. The fit is lovely, with tighter sleeves and a longer style and I just adore this colour. Also the price for this was brilliant, I was expecting between £12-£15 so I'm going to be stocking up on these in the near future.

3. Patterned white and black tee • £5 • I saw this tee with a white background and black pattern at first and liked the style of it, but when I saw the black one I had to pick it up. It’s sort of reminds me of that dress Kim K wore, similar to Kayne’s album cover?  Anyways the awesome thing about this is the colour is slightly off-white and the pattern isn’t printed on but, ok how do I explain this, like you can feel it?? Basically it’s a textured top and I think it would look great with a pair of black chinos and a blazer with heeled boots, or maybe a long cardie for a more casual look.

4. Oversized black tee with leather/suede sleeves • £4 • that's right guys FOUR POUNDS, ok this is pretty basic but sometimes when I’m shopping I get these fantastic visions of how certain pieces could look and be styled (not that they do looks that fantastic in real life but hey hey) So anyways I thought this would look lovely with a long sleeved royal blue top and matching hijab and a maxi skirt. Again oversized so super comfy, it would have been good if I had been drawn to a colour other than black (you can see a theme here right D:) but I’ll style it with brighter colours for the pop :)

4. Black make-up bag • £3 • I don’t really get drawn to makeup bags in other stores, but Primark always have such a nice range of sizes and styles sometimes I can’t resist! I have another similar to this size but for some odd reason I bought it in white (a year ago) and you can imagine the horrific state it is in now. For my holiday to Turkey I bought a larger one with silver cube studs, brilliant for carrying a large selection of makeup but far to large to lug around day-to-day. So this one was exactly what I was looking for, the perfect size to slip into my bag, two compartments (one for makeup the the other for hand sanitizer, tissues, lip balm etc.) and it even has a cute little bow to jazz it up a little.

5. Black Suede heels £12 • This is a purchase you’ll not see very often on my blog, and I doubt I’ll see in my shopping bag because heels are a type of shoe I seldom wear. Firstly I am 5’6.5 which is tall enough for me! I find towering over people uncomfortable ._. and in all honesty I’m all about the comfort when it comes to feet! Having said that the heels I do own aren’t really to my taste, pretty but impractical and easy to trip in due to the heel part being stiletto-ish. I was in the mood to try on some heels and instantly feel in love with these. They look so classy and would look great with pretty much any outfit, plus they’re fairly comfortable and don't you just love the straps?! Safe to say these are the first pair of heels I’ve bought and not wanted to take off (for longer than 20 minutes)

Please excuse the old fleecy blanket..didn’t realise it’d age showed up so much till I took the photos…oh well old is gold as they say right??

3D Crest Whitestrips link
Ok so a few weeks ago I was going through bloglovin’ and reading various different reviews. I came across this one for teeth whitening and was seriously impressed. So as it was around Eid time and I was in the mood to treat myself, I decided to purchase these. I’ve always had confidence issues regarding my teeth. Yes I’ve been through braces (double blocks – the whole lot basically) and they did make a difference, but what's the use of straightish teeth when they don’t shine WHITE like a diamond?? Tea lovers like myself will understand the pain of TEA STAINS urgh, and teeth are important (communication!)you are meant to get them whitened by the orthos once the braces come off but that was rubbish 

anyways so the pictures from that review were great and so were others I searched online, and I have around 2 days left now till I’ve completed my 10 day pack. I don’t think I’ll be doing a full review of these as the before pictures didn’t turn out so brilliant…in short they do the job. My teeth are whiter..not quite as white as I expected and also I feel abit ripped off by the sizes of the strips, they’ve made the top ones quite short and wide and the bottom really front teeth are big so it means the other visible teeth on the top row (other than the front 4/5 teeth) aren’t as white?? *sigh*   FINAL VERDICT: not too sure if they were worth the monies, but yes my teeth do look whiter. They taste horrible but they do stick properly if you dry your teeth and  I may try these again in the distant future. Also the sensitive teeth ones, you only have to keep the strips in for five minutes (professional –30mins)


I picked up 3 Maybelline products after work this month, because who really can resist a 3for2?? Also I’d never seen this concealer in boots or Superdrug before yet heard so many raves from across za pond it was like a force drew me to the makeup stand in Sainsbury's for that very reason

1. Maybelline Tattoos in ‘On and On Bronze’ and ‘Eternal Gold’ • £4.99 link
I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these, and although I'm still going to be youtubing and googling different eye tutorials with these, I'm pretty impressed. I mean a fiver is still a lot of money for a one colour eyeshadow product (you could get a whole MUA palette for less than that!) it does make eye looks and especially Smokey eyes simpler. Also you can easily add other colours and blend..obviously I’ve hardly had a chance to play around with them but with 3for2 they were £2.50 each and we shall see if I do actually use them often.

2. Maybelline Instant Anti-Age, The Eraser Eye, Perfect cover concealer • £7.99 link
The only link I could find was from the Superdrug website. Anyway despite the slightly high price tag for a drugstore concealer, I really do love this. I have it in the shade nude and find that it is quite literally the perfect shade for my skin tone. It blends like a dream and whilst it can’t replace collection lasting perfection for under the eyes (they’re quite a tough battle) it is brilliant for blemishes. I also love the applicator, which apparently is self-cleaning o_0 works for me!

My auntie actually gave me some of those lovely treats to keep (too kind!) but I forgot to photograph's ok though reviews will be coming up at some point in the future!


Probably the only enjoyable thought about going back to school has got to be stattionary shopping..just statnding by all the stationary isles in various stores and basking in the glorious rays of pretty new can anyone not love stationary?! maybe I want to be a teacher so I can continuously buy new stationary for ever idk

1. Pencil Case • £7.99 • link - currently on sale! • Mum picked this up for me from WHSmith, mainly because its been around 3 years since I’ve have a proper pencil case (been stuck with the clear plastic ones) and I adore the birds and the whole colour scheme of it (similar to my bedroom) It has a really cute theme about it, it’s made of the shiny material so it won’t soak in ink stains and there’s three compartments :)

2. Sharpies ‘80’s Glam’ set • £6.99 (I think) • link • WHSmith had this deal on with where you could purchase these for more than half-price (they're usually £20!)  I’ve always been tempted by sharpies and there's pretty much all the colours you could need want and ask for here! I’m a big user of colour when it comes to revision notes so these were a good deal.

The other two notebooks were gifts one from an auntie and one from an uncle. The 2014 diary should hopefully come in handy and I’ve decided to use the notebook for my blog. As the academic year begins my time will be alot more limited, so hopefully I'll keep ontop of blogging using this. Also I have so many ideas whizzing around it’s brilliant to have one central place to jot them all down!

What have you been buying this month?