Liebster award! (X3)

Hey guys ^_^

so due to being super busy (I've finally started to learn to drive!) with work and training and family staying over, I've just put off doing this award till I have the time to properly sit down and think – which apparently isn’t going to happen, but after receiving a third nomination, I thought I’d better get a move on D:

The Rules Are:
Tell 11 random facts about yourself  decided to skip  this because there’s facts about me here and here
Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you
Choose 11 bloggers with 300 followers or less
Create 11 questions for your chosen bloggers
Make sure to let them know you have nominated them
Don't tag the person that tagged you

1. Pippa – One of the funniest bloggers ever, Pippa and her blog are simply brilliant and you’d be crazy not to check ‘pippa-loves’ out ok (srsly you’ll regret it if you don't)
2.Vanessa – Ma home gurl from across za pond, Vanessa is soooo funny too like between her and Pippa I can honestly say, what’ll be a bad day due to other things, can be turned around just by reading their musings and reviews, there’s nothing like getting to know the blogger’s behind the reviews and honestly Vanessa is one of the loveliest out there
3. Kayleigh – A beautiful Scottish lass who loves cupcakes and tea just as much as I do. Her blog isn’t so much focused on beauty but still has really lovely pictures of outfits, adventures and so forth!

Pippa’s q’s
My 11 questions (be forewarned, not too beautyish):

1.Favourite TV series?
-I honestly don't have one because when I do watch TV it'll be because I really love that particular show and I won't continue watching it if I don't love it (so basically I'm rubbish at answering this question!

2.Favourite book? (I need new books)
 ahhh so many that I can't even think clearly about specifics right now! Probably A Thousand Splendid Sun and the Harry Potters.

3.Fav sites to download music on Favourite past-time besides blogging?
 (YouTube downloader because I'm not savvy with anything else) I loved reading but since school got so hectic it's become shopping either online or with friends, nothing like a bit of retail therapy (or window shopping)

4.A place you want to visit that you haven't yet?
ohhh good question! I'd like to visit Italy ^_^

5.One makeup item you can't leave the house without applying?
concealer! It is my everything and saves many an eye from horror every morning!

6.Do you prefer the Ombre hair look or highlights? (What? Ok fine I'm asking for me)
hehehe well I used to love ombré on other people but I think highlights (though your hair is long enough for ombré to look gorgeous!!! So either :P)
7.Favourite sweet/candy?

8.Are my questions awful? Favourite things to write about on your blog? (i.e. reviews etc)
No ofc they aren't ^_^ and probably hauls tehehe I've got one coming up, but then again I'm impartial to writing anything I just enjoy blogging in general :')

9.Favourite season?
Autumn and spring (I'm a mellow person) actually I love me some triple layering in the winter too and I love summer in other countries gaah I don't have one >_<

10.Favourite mascara?
Probably Max Factor 2000 calorie, it does amazing things and doesn’t try out super quickly either, though to be honest I’m not a huge mascara lover and most days skip it.

11.What are your favourite posts to read on blogs? 
Would it be cheating to say any? :p I love reading blogs so much (though I enjoy it most when I’m chilling out before bed) and it’s kinda replaced my long love for YouTube! Maybe because it’s the written version? I’m no sure but anyways I guess my favourite posts to read are any with beautiful, large photos so I can feast my eyes ^_^



Here are my questions!

1. If you had to buy only one item off your wishlist, what would it be?
A NICE CAR PLEASE (and beauty related then NARS SHEER GLOW)

2. If you were to design a makeup/beauty collection, which brand would you love to collaborate with?
brilliant question ^_^ Probably Rimmel from high-street because I just love their whole brand, and higher end then The Balm, they possibly have cuter packaging than Benefit (or they’re both in the same league of cuteness anyways)

3. Corals, pinks, reds, oranges or purple/plum shades?
Pinks for face, coral/pinks for the lips and purple/plums for the eyes and nails ;D

4. Which beauty item(s) do you gravitate towards most? (e.g. blush, lipsticks)
Blushers and Eyeshadow Palettes, but if I had to pick one, blushers mainly because they’re just a lot more affordable than buying a gorgeous new mahoosive palette.

5. A beauty product you think is overrated?
Probably Revlon lip butters, if they were a fiver then fair enough but for the price and the amount of hype they got, not all that impressed

6. Your favourite personal collection (e.g. makeup, books, wardrobe, human trophies (wait, this isn't Hannibal)
For sure my makeup collection thusfar. I mean aside from makeup, I hardly have any other proper collections..other than a hijab collection? but that needs a lot of work still as does my ‘shoe collection’ (I'm extremely fussy when it comes to footwear.

7. A quote/attitude you try to live by?
I’m not sure that this was a particular one up until recently but I’ve been very inspired and motivated by two recently, one taken from the Quran
"Verily, with hardship there is relief" (Qur'an 94:6)
I mean it’s pretty self explanatory, but essentially that though we go through hard times in life, there is always some form of relief, even if we don’t see it clearly at the time, there is good in everything and I want to be able to see that goodness in everything. I used to be a very positive person and the bubbly sort of girl but I feel growing up I’ve naturally changed, and I feel it’s really important for me to keep my mind as positive as I can.

and the second a quote from Rumi : “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

8. Alright, say you had the opportunity to time travel (-coughcoughTARDIS/DeLorean-). Which era/period would you stop by, whether be for beauty, fashion, or historical (social/cultural/political) reasons?
I would go to the Ottoman period in Turkey! Their history intrigues me and to be able to see Sultans and their wives and the beautiful mastjids being would be phenomenal!

9. If you had the chance to be a character in a TV series, which show would it be?
damn another great question..which I can’t for the life of me answer right now *brain blank*

10. Describe yourself in three words? (Idk man, idk)
VANESSA Y U DO DIS………erm…thoughtful and friendly (do I gotta give a negative one??)

11. One piece of blogging advice? :)
As I'm pretty new to this, the only kinda advise I can give is if you’re on a windows desktop/laptop etc. then download live writer, its BRILLIANT personally I don’t like writing posts on the blogger site and enjoy writing them a whole lot more through that platform, plus if you don’t have wifi you can continue editing posts and then post as a draft or publish them at a later time..and along those lines smartphone people (pretty sure it’s all of you guys) go download the blogger app! You can access drafts and continue adding bits and bobs to posts you intend to finish up later, when you have a spare couple of minutes. It’s a brilliant little app


My questions for the bloggers:
1. Why did you decide to start to blogging?
I’ve always loved the beauty community from YouTube and have been very inspired by the ladies on there but I could and cannot ever see myself posting videos up on the internet. That's where the blogosphere comes in, I get to participate, connect with fellow beauty lovers around the world and unwind!

2. Where do you get your style inspiration?
Not from any particular person, but I gotta admit whenever I see Vanessa Hudgens in her day-to-day outfits she always looks lovely. I guess my style could best be described as casual with a pinch of ‘I’ve made a slight effort today’ (i.e I added some jewellery or a matching bag or maybe matched my hijab to something in the outfit lol)
Having said that sometimes my mum really inspires me with what she wears, she does have a great eye for fashion so I'm always going to her if I need a second opinion on anything ^_^

3. Where are your favourite places to shop?
H&M (on and off), ASOS, Zara, River Island, Primarni and of course online ;D

4. If you could only ever use one make up product again, what would it be?
this is a mean question :( haha, probably concealer

5. What do you do in your spare time?
I read blogs, I shop, I learn more about my religion, I sit in coffee shops and catch up with my closest friends, I window shop online, I watch YT videos and I like baking too

6. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher and funnily enough that's my aspiration now too

7. What is your favourite season?
(already answered)

8. Do you prefer shopping online or going to the shops?
Generally speaking online, but for clothes then instore

9. What are your favourite blogs?
I’m too new to have specific favourites just yet, but if you mean genre then beauty for sure ^_^ I do love photography/lifestyle blogs too and sometimes will give a fashion blog the odd once over because it’s interesting to see how these fashionistas can look so fabulous all the time

10. Do you prefer skirts/dresses or jeans/trousers?
Maxi skirts over maxi dresses and….right now trousers over jeans (palazzos and chinos but this does change often)

11. What is your favourite fashion/make up era?

My 10 Nominations:
1. Rachel
4. Alex
5. Zara
9. Sam
10. Daphne
11. Poppy
If you’ve already done this award I’d love to see yours! so please leave a link in the comments below :) If you haven’t (or if you have and want to do a part two) I’d LOVE to see your answers ^_^

My 11 Questions:
1. What is your favourite high end and drugstore brand?
2. Flowers or Studs?
3. The one beauty rule that you stick to no matter what?
4. What is the best part of blogging for you?
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
6. If you had to live off of either cheese or cucumbers for the rest of your life which one would you pick?
7. Glossy or Matte?
8. Do you have any HGs? If so what are they?
9. Are you generally a spender or a saver?
10. Share one blogging photography tip?
11. Which oil could you not live without?

They’re a big mix of things, certainly not all beauty related but I hope you enjoy answering them/reading them. PLEASE tweet me @blushinggiraffe or comment below when you’ve done it because I’d really love to read them ^_^