Review | No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream Normal/Dry

No7 BB Cream

N07 Beautiful skin bb cream review
           No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Normal / Dry skin - £12.95 – link

One of the things I got the opportunity to try for a few days was this BB cream from No7. To be honest I’ve never been that interested in this type of product since finding my HG (link). The way I see it a BB cream is a lighter version of a tinted moisturiser with added benefits like SPF etc.;

My skin is pretty good, the main problems are uneven skin tones and the odd blemishes, so when it comes to a base on a good day I opt for concealer where I need it, on a ‘normal’ day my beloved F&B and then when my skin is playing up and I don’t have a lot of time it’ll be my L’oreal True Match. Essentially I’d rather have nothing spread all over my face, than something that gives such a light base I’d have to dot concealer over it anyways.

Ok so I’ve painted quite a negative picture of my perception of BB creams, but believe me I approached this with positive curiosity ^_^

N07 Beautiful skin bb cream review

‘Its unique 3-in-1 formula evens and enhances skin tone and disguises imperfections, while the nutrient-enriched formula helps to banish blemishes.
The added protective power of SPF 15 and 5 * UVA technology to help skin stay youthful, No7 BB is the only way to wear this season’s must-have essential - perfectly-pared back, beautiful skin.’

N07 Beautiful skin bb cream reviewN07 Beautiful skin bb cream review

Packaging: It is pretty simple, no pump just a squeeze bottle with a screw lid. It is pretty compact so easy to slip into a makeup bag for travelling and it won’t take up lots of space on the dressing table. It is easy to wipe clean and the tube contains 40ml of product. I actually think for the price and considering its a ‘drugstore brand’ this is quite pricy, and so would expect great results from it.

shade: So I had the shade fair to try, I did think it would be too light but actually has a warmer tone. According to the boots website it is only available in two shades fair and medium which isn’t brilliant as again a lack of choices for fair skins or darker tones. I was pleasantly surprised with the colour as I have a medium skin tone (I’m guessing around a NC35 but not 100% sure).

Application and feel: The consistency is very thin as expected, and on the packaging it is recommended to apply it with hands or a sponge. I worked this into my skin using my fingers and it blended very nicely. For a short while afterwards it did feel and look a little shiny, as it’s made for those with dry skin so once wearing it, I did feel like it was providing my skin with lots of moisture.

Overall finish: Once blended into my skin it did look slightly too light for my skin tone (but I do like picking a slightly warmer colour for my skin tone to add colour). This however wasn’t too much of an issue as that is the purpose of bronzer, however the actual look of the cream with its lack of coverage was fine for an ‘au natural’ day but for me personally as I’ve already said, I’d much rather skip the lightest base and use moisturiser and concealer instead. It did slightly even out my skintone, but I feel that it showed too many blemishes to be regarded as a quick go-to product and although it was non-patchy or sticky and did blend in nicely, if it was mine I wouldn’t repurchase it.

I do understand the appeal of BB creams, but once a girl has a HG it’s hard to measure up to that. Have you tried this BB cream? Also I’d love to know if there are any BB creams that you really recommend – challenge my opinion on them ;D