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Benefit skincare b-right


Apologies for being a little M.I.A recently, I’ve just been very busy with the end of Ramadan and Eid celebrations (I hope all of you guys who were also celebrating had a lovely time ^_^)
Today I’ve got a little review of this skincare set from Benefit. For my 18th birthday in May, I kindly saved anyone wanting to buy me a gift, the hassle of stressing themselves out (hehehe) and I made a wishlist – just for those who asked of course! This was one of the things on my list (thankyou bro!)

It includes Foaming clean facial wash which shockingly is a cleanser, the Moisture prep toning lotion, It’s Potent! eye cream, Total moisture facial cream, Triple performing facial emulsion and finally Refined finish facial polish. The ‘range’ is called ‘b.right!’ the clever Benefitesque play on words here promises bright skin so lets see how I got on with it…

 Benefit b-right skincare set

Before I get into the little uns’ I’d just like to apologise about the original packaging, I forgot to take pictures of it when I got it and so yeah, essentially they arrived in a typical colourful box and the set is in plastic packaging so it doesn't move, within the waterproof see through bag – handy for the bathroom and travelling!

Now in all honesty I haven’t used the two cleansers often enough to give a final opinion on, so I’ll start with first impressions of those. The foaming clean facial wash and the refined finish facial polish both come in plastic containers. The whole kit is adorable to look at (samples generally aren’t very exciting but as Benefit are brilliant enough to make sets of miniatures like these for most things in their line, they’re quite the pro at it). Despite it’s cuteness, I didn’t find the packing on these two to be particularly practical and had to spend a couple of minutes struggling with the bottle/tube to squeeze any product out. In terms of cleansing I’d honestly describe them both as standard.

Benefit b-right skincare set

The Foaming clean facial wash which promises to cleanse the skin and remove makeup and impurities does an ok job. I did feel quite cheated with the amount of product within the packaging for this one (it says 8.9g but feels like less) and hence didn’t feel like replacing my current face wash which I adore. However with a refreshingly good smell and a silky smooth texture it’s worth testing it out through this set rather than going ahead and purchasing the full version.

The Refined Facial Polish is a facial exfoliator which promises to brighten the complexion  while exfoliating the skin and minimising pores. As I said earlier I haven’t used this often enough to notice a difference in the overall brightness of my skin or reduction of pores for that matter, but the texture of the product is slightly grainy and again it has a pleasant soapish scent. Sorry to be so unhelpful with these two but I’m sure there's plenty of other reviews out there!

Benefit b-right skincare set

The Moisture Prep toning lotion (8.9g) is something I was interested to try because I’ve never purchased a separate toner before, or really seen the need for them. It’s the step after you’ve cleansed your skin and before you let it soak up moisturiser and it’s safe to say after trying this one out I really enjoyed the benefits (no pun intended ;D). It contains oats an ingredient that is known to be great stuff for the skin and I’ve noticed in the a lot of organic products. I do enjoy using this on the days where I have more time to be extra kind to my skin, and it was a good introduction to toners. I’d like to buy some drugstore branded ones first though before buying the full size. The packaging for these are much much nicer than the cleansers, in little glass bottles with screwtop lids (the full size have cork screw ones how cute!) I'm probably going to reuse them for oils and stuff afterwards.

The Triple Performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++ (8.9g) is one of my favourite from the bunch. Again I’ve never tried any form of emulsion prior to this (or seen them hanging around boots counters either to be honest) but basically it’s a ‘facial lotion which hydrates, protects and comforts the skin’. Its made with an oil-free formula and the USP I guess is it’s mainly for rehydrating the skin. It has Benefit’s 'tri-radiance complex’ which delvers immediate rehydration, as well as containing SPF. Anyways long fancy exclusivish words aside, its perfect for wearing under makeup, so you can be certain that when wearing a base the doesn’t contain SPF in it - you’re protected. I also notice a slight difference in my skin when I don’t apply this, it’s slightly more dry so it must be doing something good. The consistency and appearance of this looks a little like milk but is slightly thicker and it smells lovely too. Due to the SPF I would consider purchasing the full size of this one ^_^

its potent eye creamBenefit b-right skincare set

The Its Potent! eye cream (3.0g) is also my first try with an eye cream, when applying it somehow it has a warmish sensation?! Now these past few months have been pretty hectic with exams and revision, Ramadan and insomnia, plus I have pretty bad dark circles (causes of those are hereditary and the above) so I’m not sure if it was the best time to test out an eye cream! But having said that it really does gently moisturise the delicate area around my eyes and I have noticed it looks slightly less darker and more ‘healthy’. By that I mean more firm and the dry patch near there disappeared within a few uses. It is marketed as a brightening eye cream to fade dark circles and it did that to some extent. Perhaps I’d notice a bigger difference if I applied it 6/7 times a week rather than 3/4…I did and do love using this and used this the most from all the products here, but I’d like to try a few other creams and try and make one myself (from a DIY on YouTube) before I splash out on the full size.

And finally we have the Total Moisture facial cream (8.9g). It claims to absorb quickly into the skin and also has the same tri-radiance complex as the emulsion. I think it’s a decent facial cream, it does moisturise, but I do prefer my current moisturiser over this one so haven’t used it consistently enough to give a very definitive answer. However it isn’t the lightest cream (I enjoy using the emulsion over my current moisturiser and they’re both light enough for morning routine) These two creams stay by my bed and so it’s used in part of my night-time routine when I have time. It is white in colour and it smells good, but it’s nothing spectacular and I certainly wouldn’t spent alot of money on the full sized version.

This set is available from asos HERE for £12.50.

The full sized versions of each of these products in price vary so its worth shopping around online and in store.

I hope this was somewhat useful! Have you tried any of the above?

Iqra x