Fashionista Custom Design Palette

Hi guys!
The more I blog the more you’ll get to know that the two products I could continue collecting for ever and ever are blushes and eye shadows ^_^


Fashionista is a brand I never really looked into when going into Superdrug, but since MUA has partnered with them and they had an awesome sale on I thought it was the perfect way to try it out! I ordered two custom design palettes, a white one with six slots and a black four-piece slot, two bronzers, three blushers and four eye shadows. (there was another blusher but it was sold out when they went to collect and package so hey ho)

Instead of bombarding you with a ton of pictures I just wanted to show the palette and concept which I think is pretty awesome! So the black palette has fashionista written all over it as you can see, and it also has a extremely useful large mirror in the lid, which is awesome for travelling.


The palette is sturdy, the surface is pretty reflective and the clasp/latch thing is kinda tough to open at times.


The blushers and eyeshadows are the same size, a decent and rather generous 2.5g of product. They’re sold in single pans as shown above and the shadows/blushers can be popped out and placed in any order in the larger palettes. They are usually £4 each but currently £1.65 on the MUA website (a total steal!) The current deal is a palette and four shadows/blushers for £7 or a larger palette with 6 blushers/shadows for a tenner!

Mix and match palettes are nothing new to the beauty world, but the awesome thing about these particular ones are that once you flip over the palette, you can see the product name on the back. This is particularly useful for the MUA’s out there, but also useful for us regular girls who like to collect a good quality and excellent priced bargain too ;D


I had no idea what to expect from the shades, pigmentation etc. etc. but I was pleasantly surprised and ordered another few shadows a week later. I’m going to be splitting the other up into separate posts, but I have high hopes for these and they’re a welcome addition to my average shadow collection so far ^_^ (oh and they ship internationally too, so check out the link below if you’re interested)

Iqra x