The Versatile Blogger Award ^_^

A BIG thank-you to Vanessa from Citron and guavaberry for nominating me for my first ever blog award! 

It’s such an honour to be nominated for this already as my blog isn’t even a month old yet and *Oscar award speech drumroll* honestly I've been overwhelmed by the comments and the niceness on the blogosphere, it’s so lovely waking up to thoughtful comments and yeah you guys are ever so appreciated thank you! <3

This award is pretty straightforward -

1. Thank the person who nominated you & link their blog.
2. Each nominee must name 7 things about themselves.
3. They must nominate 15 blogs or bloggers they've recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Inform the nominees about their award.
5. No tag backs!


1. I am the eldest of four siblings, but I am also the eldest on both my mum’s side and my dad’s side and after me came a lot of cousins! 12 on the mum’s and 14 on my dad’s. Most of dad’s family are in Pakistan, but all my cousins from my mum’s side are here so you can imagine Eid/family get-together are a blast and a half!

2. I am a people’s person. I love quietly observing people and that’s why airports are one of my favourite places! This might sound a little strange, but I love watching people arriving from other countries, cultures mixing, family and friends reuniting, the differences in goodbyes and hello. I think it’s one of those few places where true emotion is expressed, because when saying goodbye to someone, you don’t ever know when you’re next going to see them and I think that realisation hits even the coldest of people. Emotions are pretty overwhelming, and always heart melting to watch.

3. Talking about emotions I am what would be described as – an emotional girl. Not just movies though, lets not stop there, I positively sobbed when Dumbledore was killed and fell from the tower in the sixth book. I guess I get attached to characters, and really feel what they feel and can relate (or try to). Hmm I’m painting quite a dull picture of myself here aren’t I, there are many things that make me happy too! Like skittles, working with children, seeing my grandparents, window-shopping, online shopping, baking, giraffes, iced coffees, highly pigmented makeup, finding bargains and the list goes on!

4. I recently went to Turkey with my mum, auntie, uncle and cousin and absolutely fell in love with Istanbul. I couldn’t recommend going there enough, the mix between east and west is perfect with friendly locals and delicious ‘kebaps’. Also as a Muslim I loved the sense of spirituality and brotherness you felt as you walked the streets on the city, something that isn’t that apparent where I live anywhere. Muslim or not you cannot NOT be awed by the phenomenal architecture made years and years ago (how did they made that without cranes diggers and scaffolding?!?!) I guess this whole point although it turned into a Istanbul appreciation one is I LOVE TURKEY AND WANT TO GO BACK ASAP PLEASE <3 here's some photos

*sighs* Just beautiful..

5. I need to use bright colours when I’m revising or the chances are I won’t remember it, who doesn’t like rainbow coloured notes?!

6. I used to be obsessed with Milsberry when I was 10 and I had a notebook with several pages filled up with what I needed and wanted to get for my house, the prices of those things, daily targets etc. etc. IF ONLY I WAS THAT ORGANISED WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE D: needless to say I was slightly devastated when they shut the site down.

7. My nose sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t :( sounds hilarious when read yes but it’s pretty upsetting (frustrating?!) to be shopping for a new perfume, or to try and smell ANYTHING flowers, cooking, body lotion and randomly no scent will come..I probably should get this checked out properly but in all honestly it’s probably a genetic thing as my mum, auntie and uncle have the same sort of problem >.<

I never quite know what to write when asked to name seven facts so I hope those weren’t too random and infact, congratulations if you made it this far! haha
My Nominations:

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Melissa from Melissalovesthis

Zara from lavieenrose-xo

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Shivani from Glamdiaries

I don’t have 15 people I’ve not been here long enough .-. and the other blogs I read are very well known, but I love reading all of these blogs and ofc Vanessa’s, you can read her post here so check them all out ^_^

Enjoy finding more beautiful bloggers!