Central Heating Repellent!

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Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well and enjoying the holiday period. Today I wanted to share two products that have really helped me to repel the effects of central heating on my skin. Now don’t get me wrong, having radiators is a huge blessing, and I always think about the poor souls who have nothing but a thin blanket to keep themselves warm in the harsh winters. Something we probably take for granted most days.

However heating can be pretty damaging to the skin, especially if your skin type is normal/dry. Personally I have found itchiness, irrtated skin and general discomfort of my face and hands. My feet actually seem ok because they’re normally wrapped up in my favourite slipper socks, but you can’t really wrap up your delicate face and hands so it’s important that we take the steps to give our skin a helping hand, and here are two of my absolute favourites.

1. Superdrug Vitamin E - Moisture Mask  | 75ml | £2.59 | Link

This is a super budget friendly mask, but don’t judge skincare by it’s price-tag. This mask provides instant relief to my skin when it feels really tight and needs a lot of quenching. Vitamin E is the key element here, combined with grapeseed oil and at least once a week in this season, I have been massaging this into my skin and leaving it on for around 15-20 minutes. I know some people actually leave this overnight and I have no doubt that it works really well. Personally I see the amazing impacts it has after a relaxing 20 minutes, my skin feels plump, hydrated and happy! I really couldn’t ask for more from a facemask when my skin is in need of some TLC, it’s worth twice it’s price and more to me!

2. Soap and Glory Hand Food | 250ml | £7  | Link

I picked this up last winter and it has not moved from my desk since then! This hand cream smells delightful, is rich and creamy, yet sinks into the skin effortlessly and pretty much non-greasy. It’s packed full of shea butter which is very well known for its moisturising properties and helps the cream to melt into the skin. It also contains sweet almond oil which is probably my ‘oil’ of the year, since I discovered it through HudaBeauty! I adore this hand cream, sure it’s scent isn’t the most mature or sophisticated but I’m not one for those anyway. It keeps the hands soft for ages - again what more could  ask for?  It’s there for me throughout long sleepless nights of essay writing, straight out of the shower and as soon as I get home from a cold blustery day and my hands need some TLC. But most of all, it really does remove the tight feeling of exposure to central heating, yes I’ll repurchase this over and over ^_^

Although as you can see a little goes a long way! I bet I’ll have this bottle till expiration, such good value for money.

What are your winter skincare staples?

Thank-you for reading ♥

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