Smoky Not Smudgy part 1 - Hijab Bowtique, Samia’s Treasures, Hijab Candy and more!

smoky not smudgy part 1 the blushing giraffe 7th year

First things first I am SO sorry this post is weeks late! I blame that on taking over 300 photos and not having the time nor head space to sort through them until the holidays. So a word of warning - this post is extremely picture heavy! So picture heavy infact that I’ve split it into two. Enjoy!

Smoky not Smudgy is an annual charity event hosted by the ISOC at Imperial College London. This was their 7th year running and it was truly wonderful. It’s a female only event, for women to come together, have a shop and browse at the bazaar and attend workshops about makeup and skincare and there is a fashion show too! Very exciting!

I’ll go through a stall at a time with as much info as I can find. They I’ll finish with a little conclusion of the event ^_^ I hope you enjoy discovering some wonderful companies! And by the way, after a year of using Instagram as a blogger, going to this event was literally like hoping into Instagram and walking around the accounts, buying things and gazing at beautiful things! Also meeting some truly fantastic people, super talented, kind and finally putting the people to their accounts. It was very bizarre in some ways, but such a great experience too.

hijab bowtique smoky not smudgy 2014 theblushinggiraffe

Hijab Bowtique | Website

This was the first stall my sister and I visited and it really started the day off to a great start. Hijab Bowtique is run by three sisters, and they had a brilliant offer on which actually still extends to their website! 4 plain scarves for £10. And plain include the lace styles and the bobbles. Fellow scarf lovers let me tell you there isn’t a colour you wanted that isn’t in their selection! They also offer free delivery in the UK for orders over £35. Basically your one stop shop for hijabs, the quality of the scarves are great and apart from one printed scarf in my collection right now, I’m pretty obsessed with plain ones, including the ones picked up here.


crown therapy smokynotsmudgy theblushinggiraffeIMG_0335 (800x533)crown therapy skincare smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffe

Crown Therapy | Instagram

This stand was laid out fantastically. The set out, the ‘samples’ and ‘try me’ pots were displayed so well it almost looked like a shop display and the professionalism yet friendly faces were really wonderful! Crown therapy provide hair and body products for both genders - made from entirely natural ingredients. So it’s definitely a brand for you natural skincare lovers to check out! There are products for hair growth, toners, face scrubs, face masks and even serums! I believe you can order through their Instagram page which is @crowntherapy (linked above) and also check out some of their customers opinions and experiences with the products too.


romeesa london smokynotsmudgy the blushing giraffejewelsIMG_0367 (800x495)

Romeesa London | Instagram

Aren’t these some of the most stunning jewellery pieces you have seen in your life?? Romeesa London provide bespoke and handcrafted jewellery pieces, and also bridal bouquets too. They use pearls, Swarovski and some other semi precious stones. Seeing the stand covered in the stunning pieces and bouquets was such a stunning sight. Definitely a company to like on facebook for the future because each piece is made with the most breath taking care and elegance ^_^


samiastreasures hijab smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffe

samiastreasures hijab smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffe dina torkia

Samia’s Treasures | Website

Next up is one of my favourite hijab stores ever! I have ordered from this company twice before SNS so it was so lovely meeting the owner and her daughter - they actually knew who I was! Which was so surprising and heart warming at the same time. When I first discovered their site I was thrilled because they have good quality hijabs for decent prices and offers on too. What I also love about this company is how affordable their pins and bonnets are - you can stock up on all essentials and some new things (like those voluminsing scrunchies) for so much cheaper than other stores. Especially their HEART pins!! Love em’ -I will always turn to this site when I need to restock. Oh and they also stock the Dina Torkia collection which is super luxurious!


hijab candy the blushing giraffe smoky not smudgyhijab candy smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffehijab candy smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffehijab candy smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffe

Hijab Candy | Website

Hijab candy is a company I’ve been aware of for years thanks to the video Dina did reviewing them! Its run by two lovely sisters and they’re doing an incredible job, on their site you can buy scarves - with their own collection too, clothing - scarves, maxi dresses, kimonos and more for really reasonable prices and I’m not just saying that you know how much I love a bargain, pins, storage and so much more. The quirky and unique prints really stood out to me and last year I had the pleasure of seeing the stall in person. This year after chatting to the sisters via IG, it was SO nice meeting them in person and I can honestly say I felt so at home by their stall. They’re literally the nicest, most down to earth sweet people and it was such a pleasure meeting them! And look at how gorgeous their pieces are ^_^ check out their site and social media!


smoky not smudgy cakeIMG_0415 (800x563)The Blushing Giraffe Beauty Blog pretty little bakesIMG_0400 (800x624)

Pretty Little Bakes | Facebook Page

LET THERE BE CAKEEEE! Sorry if your stomach is rumbling right now, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful photos! Check out their facebook page if you’re based in London because the detail is amazing and they’re perfect for giving someone an extra special yummy treat.

And that is the end of part 1! I will publish part 2 in the morning ^_^ I hope you enjoyed having a flick through some of the awesome companies that were at this years S’N’S event.

Thank-you for reading ♥

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