November Favourites 2014

november favourites

Hello everyone! I’ve typed another update post for tomorrow so I won’t make this intro too long, but I have quite a few things to share with you all as I didn’t do an October faves, so on we go.

nivea express hydrating primer beauty protector protect and treat hair mask good things 5 minute facial

Nivea Express Hydrating Primer (Dry) - has been in my stash for a good couple of months, and I have been using it on and off. In terms of prolonging makeup wear I don’t think this works miracles, however as the weather has changed my skin has become considerably dryer and I find that using this primer after moisturising helps my base apply and sit a lot smoother! For the price (and this primer always seems to be on offer) I’m really pleased with how it’s come in handy after all because I got it in the summer time and was pretty under-whelmed at first!

 Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask - is a new addition and the very first HAIR related thing I’ve spoken about on my blog. As most of your probably know I wear a hijab and personally (I can’t speak for all hijab-wearers) I’m not fussy when it comes to hair care at all, neither do I spend a lot of money investing in different products for it. This mask however has blown me away with how effective it has been in giving my dry hair some nourishment. I got it in this months birchbox (review here) and I will 100% be purchasing the full size because a little goes a long way and the effects are immediate, time to give my locks some TLC on the regular.

Finally in the ‘skincare’ department I have been loving the Good Things Five Minute Facial which is packed with lots of ‘superfruits’ and is free from parabens, Mineral Oils and Animal ingredients. This is the only clay mask (aside from the Una Brennan one) which doesn’t leave my skin feeling incredibly tight and dehydrated. I’ve been using it twice a week which is probably a little excessive but I just adore the soft supple skin that I get everytime I wash it off. Budget friendly and again TLC for the skin, without promising things it doesn’t deliver.

bourjois happy light foundation 53, chanel soleil tan de chanel, topshop glow in gleam

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation in 53 has been my base love this month.  Satin finish, light-medium coverage and the perfect amount of dewiness. Bourjois are known for making some of the best bases in the drugstore, and this is one of their best without a doubt! The only niggle I have with it is that after 7ish hours it can look a tiny bit shiny, but that’s nothing a bit of powder won’t sort out and to it’s credit I do think once you powder after a few hours it looks beautiful and almost freshly applied again (I used the Bourjois healthy balance powder).

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel - Ok I'm gonna struggle typing out that long name every-time, but yes this beauty is another favourite of mine! It warms the face up, you can add a little more if you want a stronger colour and it manages to contour fairly well too. I was a little uncertain about how to use this because it’s texture is completely different to the Bourjois bronzing primer, but it works nicely with any type of buffing brush so far. Chanel has not disappointed ^_^

Topshop Glow in Gleam - I’ve been using this little thing all month and really enjoying the subtle cream highlight. It looks quite dark in the pot, but on my medium skintone it translates as a subtle but buildable glow on the cheeks! I feel like this and the Soleil de Chanel are a match made in heaven, the finish and mesh together is just stunning. It’s also been quite a nice change switch from powder highlights which can appear a little stark, especially for uni!

Eyelure Individual Lashes Ultra Natural lord and berry bronzer in sunny

Eyelure Individual Lashes Ultra Natural - These little guys are amazing! I have never really been a lashes kinda girl, I guess when you get used to wearing them they don’t feel odd on your eyelids?? But I picked these up a while ago and tried them on and I am in lurrrrve. They’re very easy to apply using tweezers, and with mascara they add a stunning vava voom effect, I kept blinking and fluttering my lashes in the mirror because they looked real but then not real because dayum gurl those lashes are thick, long and so beautiful. Also these are meant to last several days, personally I removed them the same day but according to other reviews they last well! Ok reading that paragraph back makes little sense, but basically every girl needs a pack because these will change your makeup look for the better. I promise. Open-mouthed smile

Lord & Berry Bronzer in Sunny - Another thing from my birchbox is this sample of a bronzer and basically you guys, it is the most PERFECT transition/crease/blending shade I have ever come across. I always used to see a few YouTubers going on about the importance of a transition shade and it’s only now that I have this in my life that I see how it just pulls together the whole look (even if it’s just two colours!). I do want to look into purchasing a custom e/s palette from either Makeup Geek or Anastasia Beverly Hills and if I do I will add this in there straight away.

IMG_1043 (800x504)


FAIL i’m not sure of the brand ._. - I will edit this when I get the chance, BUT basically at S’n’S I picked up this lipscrub and although I haven’t tried Lush’s I am sure it’s very similar. I’ve never made my own lipscrub before but I know when I’m done with this, I’ll probable be making some because these are a MUST for me now. They exfoliate gently and mean I can wear mattes and lip liners all day without any ickyness. Yay. I’m really happy with the size that is sold, because a little goes a long way and I would happily repurchase this for the flavour if I don’t make my own.

Rimmel Provocalip in Make Your Move - Long-lasting, opaque, flattering brown/pink tone, feels comfortable. I shall not type another word, aside from I LOVE this and I think it’s a shame Lily Pebbles had so much trouble getting her shade off ,_, but I wouldn’t dismiss this shade if you HAVE been put off because I have no issues with it not leaving my lip, when using an oil based cleanser (: I reviewed it here if you want more info.


Sheeesh that post felt like it took AGES! But those are my November favourites, thankyou so much for reading!

Please feel free to leave your faves below too!

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