Inner-corner highlights

inner corner highlights the blushing giraffe

I remember the first time I inner-corner was a sparkling moment (hehe). Ok so why bother adding that highlight into the inner corner you ask? Well it helps your whole face look a little brighter, your eyes look bigger and it somehow pulls together the whole eyeshadow look. Of course you don’t always want a shimmery colour in your inner corner, but I think when makeup is neutral and matte, you need a bit of suttin suttin to liven it all up! Especially in the winter time when lighting is gloomy, weather is cold and everything just feels a bit blurgh.

This paired with a nude liner in the waterline will transform your sleepy eyes into bright, sparkling beauties. I’m going to run you through a few of my favourites with links so you can check them out yourselves.

Apologies for the lack of photos in this post, it’s just that frustrating time of the year where photos don’t look right.

MUA Eye Shadow - Shade 1 Pearl: Starting off with the cheapest, this beautifully buttery soft eyeshadow is a stunning bright cross between gold, yellow and pearl. A little of this added into the inner corner and just under the start of the lower-lashline adds light and detracts attention from any under-eye baggage that might be going on! Also with a heft 2g of the stuff for only a quid you won’t be running out any time soon, or will you be denting the purse.

CK Eyeshadow - Tangelo | Link:  Another very budget-friendly option is one of my favourite single eyeshadows of all time, the shade Tangelo. It’s a little less pigmented and less golden than Pearl and so I opt for this on work days or when I’ve not made much of an effort with my makeup, but I just want a little brightening in the eye area. I also love using this all over the lid, which makes its convenient to swish into the inner-corner while I’m at it too. yay 2-in-1

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick - 002 Bulletproof Beige | Link: The best way to describe the colour of this is as a ‘light copper’. Light enough to use in the inner-corner anyways! I love the fact that it’s super creamy and the chunkiness of the pencil makes it easy to dab on to the inner-corners where I need it! I normally use this as a base for when I am doing party makeup and need it to last, however it works great alone too as a much more subtle brightener.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer | Link: Could a highlighter post ever be complete without this beauty? Of course not! When you want a killer cheek highlight, this is the gal for you, and she works equally well in the inner-corner too. The most creamy, buttery, highly pigmented powder you will ever find in your life, with a golden/pearl like undertone. This one is ONLY an inner-corner highlight for special occasions, because it’s a little too gorgeous to be rocking at uni!

Stila Eyeshadow - Kitten | Link: If Mary-Lou is a little too golden for you, opt for Kitten when you want a intensely pigmented highlighter shade for your inner-corner! Bloggers have raved about this shade and it’s a real beauty - a mix of pink and silver. Personally my favourite shimmery shade from the In the light palette is Bubbly and it would look gorgeous on deeper complexions.

What are your favourite shades to add some sparkle to the inner-corner?

Thank-you for reading ♥