Part 2 - Smoky Not Smudgy - KDivision, Natura, Jawhara Jewellery and more ^_^

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Part two and the final post on Smoky not Smudgy 2014! Read part 1 here

Kdevision smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffeIMG_0449 (800x533)IMG_0460 (800x533)

K Devision | Website

This was without a doubt the most creative and interesting stall my sister and I came across! It is run by the sweetest girl ever, she was so friendly and answered all our queries with patience. I was SO intrigued by how everything was made! It is essentially a laser cut company which produces personalised items such as chopping boards, wooden spoons, weddings invites (such a cool idea!) and the most unique and clever notebooks I have ever seen! I couldn’t decide if I loved the notebooks or the OOTD hangers more - which is something all you #fbloggers NEED because who doesn’t want a personalised OOTD hanger?? What I especially love is that the prices are so reasonable, I’m used to seeing personalised items come at high costs but not at K Devision!

nelly and khadz jewels smoky not smudgy The Blushing GiraffeIMG_0477 (800x533)nellyandkhadz

Nelly and Khadz | Website

This quirky little stall caught our attention first because of how beautiful the pins glistened and the because it was filled with all sorts of quirky nick-nacks. We got chatting to the two owners - Nelly and Khadz and we found out that their business was actually very new. They sell beautiful pins, organic skincare and makeup, gift sets, leather purses, mirrors and clothing. Of course after spotting the ‘lets make up’ mirrors I had to purchase one! I’m really impressed without their website, it’s clear professional and best of all there is an offer on at the moment where you can get £10 off when you spend £20! Bargain ^_^

jawhara jewellery smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffejawhara jewellery smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffejawhara jewellery smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffe

Jawhara Jewellery | Instagram

Another stunning jewellery store, just look at the detail! I really thought these pieces were breath-taking, especially the necklace in the above photo! It was a pleasure meeting the lovely owner, and we stood admiring the stunning pieces for a long time. If you check out the IG page you can see how pretty they look on people and I also loved the display here. All the pieces would make such beautiful unique gifts as they’re hand made - loved them!

 vintage hijab collection the blushing giraffe

Vintage Hijab Collection | Website

By far the COOLEST display of hijabs in the whole building! Couldn’t stop marvelling at the creativity of the display and the quality of the hijabs are wonderful too.

the natural stuff smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffethe natural stuff smoky not smudgy the blushing giraffe

The Natural Stuff | Facebook

I really like the name of this brand, its pretty neat. In fact if I was to start a company selling soaps, body butters and gift sets it would be something along these lines! And how pretty is the soap? All hand made and all natural. Seeing the number of women who have set about making their own range of skincare and body-care is really inspiring, and from ‘The Natural Stuff’ I loved their gift set range the most. They have put together great sets, displayed beautifully and again priced well.

IMG_0571 (800x533)

Shasmin Accessories | Facebook

One of the most sparkly and glamorous stalls there - how beautiful is this head piece? Shasmin has accessories nailed, didn’t get much time to speak to them as it was always busy around that stall but they have some great quality pieces. If you’re got an asian wedding approaching and are stuck, I point you here!

IMG_0611 (800x533)IMG_0612 (800x533)IMG_0615 (800x533)

Natura Cosmetics | Facebook

And finally we have the awesome brand that is Natura Cosmetics! Another natural kinda brand run by a student! which is pretty amazing. I mean I find it tricky running a little blog along side doing a degree too haha. I adored this stand, LOOK AT THAT MOSTACHE SIGN! It’s really nice to see natural brands catering for their male customers too and as 2014 has certainly been the year of the beard - I imagine this is quite popular ^_^ The packaging and range looks professional and I’ve seen lots of excellent reviews of this brand! I purchased the lip scrub and I’m really enjoying it.

IMG_0595 (800x533)IMG_0603 (800x533)

And finally since this is a beauty blog I thought I’d show you a few snaps of the makeup room they had there! This is from the beautiful Annam’s collection as she was the makeup artist there and it was such a HUGE pleasure to finally meet her!! Check out her youtube channel here she’s well worth subbing too ^_^

IMG_0588 (800x533)

Another highlight for sure was the scrummy chocolate foundation, the lady running the whole thing was so lovely and eating warm waffles drizzled in chocolate and topped with cream GAH too good!! The lovely lady was also selling this beautiful little rings and I picked up two, as they were only £2 each. I wasn’t expecting much, knowing that cheap jewellery tends to go green after a while but amazingly this ring has changed colour at all and it looks ever so pretty on my less than feminine fingers!

Overall it was a fantastic event. The organisers did a great job and there was plenty to see and lots of lovely bloggers and vloggers to meet! If I could change one thing about it, I would request that the fashion shows be later in the day rather than one hour into the event. Sadly we missed both because of a train delay in the morning and the last one was a little late for us as we were traveling for over an hour after the event and didn’t want to hang around too long. Aside from that the day was a success and they amazingly raised a total of £12,860.49! Amaaaazing ^_^

I hope you enjoyed reading these posts! I’m not used to event blogging, and probably put too many photos in but I had to give credit where it’s due! I think all these businesses are amazing, seeing all the lovely ladies was so inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thank-you for reading ♥

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