Bomb Cosmetics Over The Rainbow Bath Blaster

review bomb cosmetics over the rainbow bath blaster

I am 100% a shower person so when I do get around to having a bath its a real treat. When I came across bomb cosmetics thanks to other bloggers I was really impressed with the selection of bath products and mostly (because I’m a bargain loving asian like this) the phenomenal prices. The Over The Rainbow Bath Blaster link is by far one of my favourites and it costs a mere £2.29! Just look at how pretty it is! The intricate little rainbow on top of a fluffy cloud of blue, covered in tiny gold stars and blue bits of glitter. I was almost reluctant to use it because I was so fascinated with how stunning it is, really I am that obsessed.

bomb cosmetics over the rainbow bath blaster

The bath bomb itself works like this - once you’ve thrown it into the tub all the white part fizzes around releasing the jasmine essential oils amongst other ingredients - which smell so relaxing. Then the blue part is left, with the paper rainbow. The stars and blue glitter spread around the bath, and the colour of the water overall gradually turns a beautiful turquoise blue mixed with aqua. This for me is one of those bath bombs which works wonderfully for a good soothing soak, and to be precise, the main thought in my mind was ‘I feel like a mermaid’. What is the colour of the water, the gold stars and glitter and the overall serene sensation, that was how I could best describe it!

What surprised me the most about this was that my skin was actually left feeling suitably moisturised, something I didn’t expect as I’ve not experienced that with any other bath bomb before.

Worth the money? YES

Repurchase? YES!

For the price, I know I couldn’t get a better quality bath bomb, and it exceeded my expectations in giving me a well deserved bath (if I do say so myself!) which relaxed me more than I realised I even needed after a very busy few weeks.

Have you tried any bath bombs from bomb cosmetics?

Thank-you for reading ♥

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