Review | Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium-Dark

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium-Dark review and swatch

Hi everyone, today I’m going to be reviewing another one of Makeup Revolution's biggest bargains - the focus and fix eyebrow kit in the shade medium-dark. This kit is packaged in a sleek black square box with beautiful rose gold font on the top. Inside the packaging there is a large square mirror which is big enough to see your whole face as well as to focus on the brows. There are three powder shades, one wax cream, a small pair of tweezers and an applicator. All of this for a mere £2.50! I know right, that is pretty darn incredible and of course I had to add it to my basket.

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit Medium-Dark review swatch

The powders are decently pigmented, infact so much so that it is easy to get a super dark brow with little effort, so those of you wondering if this wouldn’t be dark enough? I promise you it is! Although the three colours look quite different when swatched, an ashy brown, a light brown and a warm darker brown when applied on the brows they don’t look as different!

As I’ve been using my ABH dip brow in chocolate for the majority of the year, I’m used to a lighter, warmer brow and so adjusting to the darkness of this powder was quite the challenge. I did manage to find a product mentioned in my January faves here which counteracted the darkness and make them look more natural, but overall I’d say the effort to not get intense brows is a little annoying. Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by the dipbrow, or maybe I just rush my brows because of the ease of the pomade, but lets just say it takes a good couple more minutes to do brows naturally with the shades.


Having said that when I just use the lightest shade (top left) I can achieve soft yet defined brows. Taking the shade next to it for the tail of the brow which adds more definition and completes the whole shape and shading. The gel wax is awesome, I take the little brush in the kit and brush a little on which keeps the brows in place for a lot longer than just using powder. It also doesn’t give that weird crispy look, although using a separate lighter brow set mentioned above, is a little over the top/an odd mix.


The tools included in the kit surprisingly work really well. In the photo the brush is stuck together by the wax and needs to be washed, however it works really well at outlining the brows as well as filling them in. Of course it’s a little small but that can’t be helped as it has to fit in the box! The tweezers also work really well which shocked me the most because look how cute and small they are! And considering the price I really wasn’t expecting a great deal, but thy do the job well.

Final Verdict:

Rating: 8

Pros: The price is absolutely incredible for the quality of the product, you get three different brow powders which are pigmented enough to draw brows on with little effort, you can achieve a very strong brow and you can also achieve a soft yet structured brow with a bit of a light hand. The clear wax works well and keeps the brows in place, the applicator does the job well, as do the tweezers. I think its brilliant for beginners!

Cons: I found it easy to over-do my brows and I do wish there was an even lighter shade in this trio to balance it out a little!

Repurchase? I probably won’t and only because I know how well Anastasia’s products work for me and the fact that I can get an easy to work with shade from her range. I think it’s just one of those things where if I hadn’t invested in the Anastasia range I would have been completely head over heels in this because it gives me pretty much everything I could ask for, I just WISH it had a lighter shade and for that I deducted 2points from the rating. However I really am impressed with this kit and if you don’t have the budget for ABH but you want a GOOD brow kit, this is where you need to turn to!

Thank-you for reading ♥

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