February 2015 Catchup

Hello everyone. Its only right to start of this months update with something that changed everything.
Photo 11-02-2015 9 33 42 pm

February started off with some heart breaking news. The Chapel hill shooting of the three young Muslims in  North Carolina, within their own home. It really sparked shock throughout Muslims across the globe, not just because these three students, two of them newly weds were outstanding members of the community, volunteering time and skills to help the less fortunate, but also because of the outrageous response in the majority of western media. It wasn’t headline news and in so many reports I saw statements about the terrorist who shot them, being caring towards animals etc etc. It was so shocking I was left speechless, three innocent lives have been robbed and the media are trying to convince us it was over a PARKING ISSUE?? If you for one moment believed that to be true, let me just ask you to turn the tables around.

Now if a non-white man walked into a house with three white students, shot them in the head and claimed it was over a parking issue rather than a HATE crime, can you even imagine the response the media would give? It would be headline news all over the world for at least a month, with follow ups from the family and friends, detailed history about the students and more. It seems impossible for the media to portray Muslims as anything other than terror-causing nasty horrendous human beings -

I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if most of you didn’t hear about this. But if you haven’t just think about it for a moment. It might open your eyes a little to how sickeningly twisted our media can be...

Photo 02-02-2015 1 10 01 pm

I too tried Benefit’s latest mascara and I actually really liked it. It doesn’t promise miracles, and it does what it says - curls the lashes and lengthens. Although I rarely wear mascara, the times that I do I tend to wear it I go for two, a lengthening and then a thickening one. I have a feeling this and ‘they’re real’ will work a treat!

february update

February has been the month of crossy road. Ok well the first two weeks at least, I wanted to beat my highscore (160) and it’s such a simple yet oddly addictive game I found myself clicking on this every time I had a spare moment. I also had a lovely bubble bath, something which I really should do more often, I reviewed this particular bath bomb here. And I FINALLY got around to opening my frank scrub, which was an experience to say the least! I mean I don’t know why I didn’t expect the scrub to turn all brown and coffee(ish) seeing as it is made from coffee..anyways if anyone wants a review let me know!

IMG_2292 (800x533)IMG_2294 (800x533)

One of the nicest days of the month was visiting London with my best-friend Ana. We met at Euston and went to a Persian restaurant which I had to snap a few photos from because just look how pretty it is ^_^  As you come in there is a hot oven for the naan bread, and next to it there was the roller and dough balls waiting to be rolled.

persian art

The art work was so interesting, I loved the 3D element and the intricate details in the art. I think that’s my favourite thing about going to a smaller restaurant which serves ethnic and halal food (aka not Nandos lol) is seeing so much of that country’s culture in the surrounding. It adds so much more to the meal!
IMG_2333 (800x533)Photo 12-02-2015 1 27 55 pm

Also there is something about middle eastern food that makes me feel like I’m eating a really healthy meal (must be ALL that salad right, totally finished it all.__.)

IMG_2341 (800x533)Photo 12-02-2015 3 20 49 pminglot store london westfield

After we ate we headed over to Westfield and tried to visit all the stores that we don’t have in our home town. Of course the moment I set my eyes on Inglot I HAD to rush towards it and I spent around 45 minutes going from area to area, swatching and building my own little 5 swatch palette. I can’t lie, the prices did take me by surprise, it’s certainly a brand that isn’t in the drugstore category and I sort of wished I had properly set aside time to research Inglot and kiko must haves - BUT then again I would certainly have done a huge amount of damage to my bank account!

IMG_2352 (800x533)
how cool is this cake - a stand right outside Urban Outfitters
IMG_2355 (800x449)
A random UO *hipstah* shot - p.s I’ve seen similar jars at Tiger for a fraction of the price, just sayin
Photo 20-02-2015 4 06 43 pm

I managed to depot four sleek e/s palettes thanks to the inspo and tips from the beautiful Tamanna’s post here. A few cracks and a lot of patience, but its so exciting to finally have some of my older palettes all together so I actually get to use them. These 4 are au natural, oh so special, storm and ultra mattes 2. Also the large shade in the top right hand corner is a bronzer sample from Lord and Berry in the shade sunny.

IMG_2582 (533x800)
IMG_2580 (800x523)

I also went to another family wedding, which was a beautiful ceremony. Oh and it had a chocolate fountain which means that it was instantly ranked up in the list of awesome weddings I’ve attended in the past 5 years (they had MINI donuts).

IMG_2783 (800x533)IMG_2825 (800x533)

The month has come to a lovely end with the lush event post here and also a much needed catchup with another best friend. As her name is Ayesha I just couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the lush face mask sign teehee.

lush the golden egg
Photo 27-02-2015 10 56 51 am
Also on the topic of the Lush event, I had to sneak in a photo of my label, such a lovely touch!

And with that February 2015 is over. It’s been emotional and I was ill for a good few days of it to, which was totally out of the blue because I thought February was meant to the start of Spring??? Anyways I cannot complain. Although I’ve stopped watching as many YouTube videos as I used to, I did watch Amelia Liana’s video on being happy and a big part of that was having gratitude. It really made me think about how we take such tiny things for granted and how blessed we truly are!
Here is hoping March is going to be super productive and I guess my main goal is to stay on top of my schedule and sort out my time keeping >_< 
I hope you’ve all had a great month!
Thank-you for reading ♥