January Favourites

january favourites the blushing giraffe makeup revolution treat

Hey hey everyone! It’s time to share le January favourites, and I seem to have quite a few this month so lets get started!

Soap and Glory’s Make Yourself Useful Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Starting off with the only skincare fave for the month, I have been loving Soap and Glory’s Make Yourself Useful Rejuvenating Eye Cream (£14). Every night I have been sticking to my usual Sweet Almond Oil under the eyes, but I have had some dryness around the eyes due to the weather. So sometimes when this is particularly prevalent I dap a little bit of this cream under the eyes too and the smallest amount goes a long way because of how rich it is. Having said that though it isn’t greasy, so it also works well in the mornings too. Pricy? Yes, but in the sale, well worth it. 

 Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude liner Rimmel Brow this way 02 medium brown

If you read my January catchup post here you’ll know my Jan was pretty stressful and I had many a sleepless night. Of course that leads to red eyes and it was almost painful just looking at them, but the one thing that made a tonne of difference was my trusty Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude liner (£3.99). It brightens up my eyes and somehow reduces the appearance of red eyes, whilst making them look bigger. I’ve also been RELYING on my Rimmel Brow This Way in 02 Medium Brown (£3.99 £2.99) this month because I have just been having the most bizarre brow situation. Partly because I’ve been trying a new brow kit (review will be up tomorrow) which has made my brows come out far too dark, and I’ve also been making a mess of them with the brow-wiz when I’m not using that kit *sigh*. Well ANYWAY this shade of brow this way is a medium brown and it sets a little darker than it looks like when it’s first applied. So everytime my brows look scary and over dark, this brow gel makes them look lighter and so much more natural, whilst keeping them in place all day. It has become a MUST HAVE, because sharpie-like brows are a no-no.

 Stila In The Light eyeshadow palette

The Stila In The Light eyeshadow palette (£25.00) has been my absolute favourite for well over a month now. Just look at those beautiful colours, it’s almost the perfect palette and wonderful for everyday! I’m not even sure that it is worth the full price because I think the lighter matte shades could be a whole lot more creamy and even more pigmented for a high-end palette. However the lasting time of the shadows in general as well as the gorgeous buttery pigmentation of the shimmery shade are the reason it’s such a reliable go-to palette.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Bronzer  

The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Bronzer (£25) has been in my love it list for over two months now, it is glorious. Smells so much like chocolate, and lasts a long time on the skin. Most importantly it’s a beautiful cross between a bronzer for warming up the face and also adding definition to the face. As it’s pretty dark for my NC35 skintone, I use a small amount and blend it in mainly under the cheekbones and jawline and it effortlessly adds life and structure. Gah I LOVE this - well worth the price!

DIORSKIN Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation review

Also another product I picked up in the black Friday sales but only opened recently is the DIORSKIN Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation (£32) and at first I was a little on the fence with this base. However after I used it with the special Dior sponge (which is pretty bizarre but lets save that for another post) I was so happy I picked it up in the sale. It’s got a satin/velvet finish which is my favourite now and has a light/medium coverage. It looks natural yet covers redness and discolouration beautifully. I’ll probably continue wearing it for a month more before reviewing, but keep an eye out!

makeup revolution amazing lipstick treat review swatch

And finally the last favourite for January isn’t budget breaking (thank goodness) and I adore it! The Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in Treat (£1) is just my go to lipstick, a neutral colour with a dash of brown, its super pigmented and creamy. The downsides are that it lasts around 2 hours, but I don’t mind this too much as I tend to wear it when I’m just popping out for a short while, or need a bit of colour in the lips without having to do the whole lip scrub, lip balm, lip liner shabam.

And phewwww that is all! I thought I would be sitting here for another hour typing D: well done you for reading all the way through it haha! What have been your Jan faves? If you’ve written a post please link it below I’d love to have a read!

Thank-you for reading ♥

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