Review | Makeup Revolution Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner

makeup revolution pro hygiene anti bacterial brush cleaner review

I’m pretty sure the main thing every makeup lover dreads, is washing za brushes. I used to be so good and consistent. Washing them every single Sunday (and if you want to read my thorough post on that click here!) but I think both the excessive amount of brushes I now own, plus a super busy schedule have meant I’ve hardly had a chance every fortnight, let alone weekly.

When I saw this brush cleaner on the Makeup Revolution website, for the first time I was interested in a cleanser of this type. I’m a firm believer in using my magic ingredients for all the face brushes I own, however the absolute BANE of my life is when I pick up an eyeshadow brush, dip it in a nude shade and end up with a big black smudge across my eyelid - argh such a hassle! Then I have to reach for the bioderma, carefully remove the splodge without disrupting the base and do you know how time consuming that it *sigh*. Anyways having one too many of those incidents lead me to purchase this and I am so pleased that I did!

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You get 200ml in a white plastic spray bottle for £5, I ordered mine from the makeup rev website and you can find the link here. The bottle isn’t fancy but it does the job, with the directions and ingredients written clearly on the the back. This is ‘specially formulated to keep your makeup brushes clean and free from bacteria’ and according to the directions, you’re supposed to spray the cleaner 3 to 4 times directly onto the brush. Now I ONLY use this with small brushes - the eyeshadow and small concealer brushes specifically, and spraying that much would be a big waste. (One of the main reasons why I don’t use it for face brushes, but also because even when I tried, there was so much brush to clean, even 10 sprays of this wouldn’t make it squeaky clean - save the face brushes for a regular weekly wash, and don’t forget to wash the eyebrushes with soap on the regular too, this isn’t supposed to be a substitute.

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Instead I place a sheet of kitchen towel under the brush, spray once on the brush itself and once on the tissue. This successfully removes all colour and presumably bacteria and grime from the brush, and the best part is it’s ready to use again in less than 20 seconds. This makes it essential when  you’re doing a more complex eyelook, but also super useful for day to day, whenever I have a spare few minutes I give my eyebrushes a quick clean after I’ve used them, but if I don’t have time, it’s perfectly fine to do this quick 10 second process in the morning too ^_^

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ta-da, clean and ready to use in next to no time!

Overall Rating: 9
Pros: It cleans the brushes really well, with two sprays all the colour will be removed and the brush will be ready to use within less than 20 seconds. The amount of product in the spray bottle is great value for money, I reckon this will last me at least 4 months if used a couple of times a week. It means I have no accidental dark splodges on the eyes and it also ensures any dust or dirt on the brush is removed, leaving me with totally hygienic eye and concealer brushes to use. Again the price point is super, Makeup Revolution really have given everyone an affordable option to keep their smaller brushes clean every single time they use them, because I have seen similar products to these which cost 3 or 4 x the amount!

Cons:  1. not all the colour leaves the brush using this sometimes and 2. I only use it for small brushes. but to be honest, this isn’t much of a problem seeing as I wash my facebrushes at least once a week, and simply won’t use them till they’ve had a wash again if I can’t find the time that week (yay for fingers and sponges).

Repurchase? 100% I cannot tell you how much this has helped and if you’re an MUA or just wear eyeshadow more than once in a blue moon, please do pick this up, it’ll be of so much help!

Thank-you for reading ♥
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