Disappointing Products #1

disappointing products clinique take the day off makeup remover nuxe reve de meil scandaleyes thick and thin liner seventeen phwoarr paint

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you’re all doing well. This post is something that has been in the pipeline for a while, and I thought it was about time I typed it up. Now before we divulge into the products I want to say that I am still using some of these products (due to hating  wasting makeup) and by ‘disappointing’ it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re useless. Sometimes you have high expectations and they just don’t live up to them. What works for me may not work for everybody and vica versa. My beauty blog is about things I love 90% of the time, but what good is a beauty blog if it doesn’t discuss the not so good sometimes either?? ^_^

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1. SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint | Review

For me any concealer that claims to cover up dark circles has my interest so I gave it a shot after reading several reviews. Although the drugstore are notorious for having not enough shades, the fact that there were two made me assume that the light shade would be salmon coloured and the medium colour would be peach toned. THAT would have been brilliant for girls like myself who have horrendous dark circles that are not blue in colour, but  nope medium is pink toned, it looks bizarrely white/grey under my eyes and fails to colour correct. After reading promising reviews I was more than a little disappointed.....however it’s not ALL dark and gloomy, because I may have found two other uses for it...more on that later..but if you’re looking for a good cover all concealer, expensive but SO worth it - invest in the Kevyn Aucoin SSE. It’s changed my life for real.


2. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

Oh my goodness, you would not believe the hype behind this lip balm! It is insane, so SO many beauty bloggers and vloggers swear by this lipbalm, so naturally I had high hopes. It’s by one of my favourite skincare brands, but on this occasion I feel let down. It’s known to be a matte lip balm, and the thick texture contributes to that. However it seems to do NOTHING to sooth or nourish the lips for me, even when rubbed in/applied thickly at night. I’ve tried this in so many ways and to no avial. Honestly the only use I have for this is a matte base for when I want a matte look. I’m sad it didn’t work for me, but I think there are better lip balms that actually do what they say - for a couple of quid. Blistex, ily xox

rimmel london scandaleyes thick and thin eyeliner

3.  Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner

I got this eyeliner free in one of those promotional ‘spend this much and get...’ and let me tell you if I had paid a fiver for this I would NOT have been happy. The tip of the pen is kinda in the shape of those posh handwriting pens we had at school which where encased in an olive green packaging and were for fancy calligraphy writing. The concept of having a thinner tip at one end seems brilliant but in reality the tip is hard and can be painful to apply to the delicate eye area. The liner itself didn’t flow well and I had to keep going over and over the eye for an even line, something I expect maybe after two months of use,  but certainly not on first use! I have tried twice more to make this work, but to no luck. In the bin you go, where you belong. (Try their exaggerate liquid liner it’s 100X better).


4. Natural Collection Lipliner ‘Almond’ (not pictured, chucked away I hated it that much)

A lipliner that just doesn’t line or fill in the lips nicely at all. The texture is really bizarre and on my lips it emphasises any dry patches extensively. It looks sickly on my complexion and every time I tried to make it work I was reminded that again this is not a product that I can get on with. Perhaps it’s the shade that makes me dislike it even more? Regardless not a product I would recommend, the Rimmel lip liners (both lines) are far superior and only one or two pounds more, so if I were you I’d skip past this stand and head to Rimmel.


5. Clinique - Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

So this is actually from an UNETHICAL brand - owned by Estee Lauder. But I thought I should add it anyways as I know lots of ladies read this blog and I honestly think you should save your monies and skip this out. I purchased it in 2013 in the Debenhams sale and I expected excellent things from such a well loved brand on the blogosphere, however it was a miserable experience from day one. It’s in a two part solution, one of oil the other of the makeup remover. This is worth £17 so I would expect it to remove eyemake-up with no issues. However it took a lot of uncomfortable rubbing of the solution soaked pad, and still I have black smears around my eyes which I had to remove using a separate remover?! Ridiculous, I would be annoyed if a drugstore makeup remover caused me so much hassle, so the fact that this costs a lot of money for what is it, and still didn’t work, ugh I cannot express how frustrating that is. Bioderma is SOO much better, please don’t waste your money on this fraudulent rubbish which also funds Israel’s war crimes.


That is it for part one, I know this isn’t the most positive post but hey that is just life, not everything goes the way we want it too, and these 5 found a way to disappoint me personally, but like I said for a couple of them they’re well loved! Just a little heads up.

Thank-you for reading ♥

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