Haul | A quick blip in the makeup-ban (Inglot and Kiko)

makeup haul inglot and kiko cosmetics

Hey guys I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been pretty unwell since my last post, but today was the first day I’ve started to feel my normal self, so here is a cheeky little haul. Loyal readers of this blog will remember the post titled ‘its not a spending ban it’s called appreciating what I already have’ which you can read here if you like. I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself because I really have refrained from buying makeup in the past two months. I mean that’s a pretty big deal, and if you read January’s update post you’ll know I have been thoroughly enjoying shopping my stash. However on my lovely catchup trip to London with my bestie, I realised when in Rome you gotta take advantage of what you don’t have when at home. *alright not quite the saying but y’know* AKA: When you see an Inglot and a Kiko, you shop them, even if it is just a little bit!

kiko lipgloss pencil 10

Starting with Kiko, I wanted to dabble in their lip products and the shade range available to swatch was awesome.  I did restrain myself and only picked up on lipliner and a lipgloss stick. The Precision Lip Pencil in the shade 311 (£4.20) looks gorgeous, and it was the only shade that totally captivated me in that crowded and over-heated store. It is described as a long wear lip pencil and it’s not quite as creamy as I had hoped, but the shade remains just a lovely as it was on my hand. I hadn’t heard or read anything about the Kiko Lipgloss Pencils (£3.90) so it was a bit of a risk, however swatching shade 10 on the back of my hand and seeing the pencil transform into a creamy glossy opaque nude colour meant I had to try it out. Plus at just under £4 it was worth a shot!

kiko lip gloss pencil shade 10  Precision Lip Pencil in the shade 311

The nude shade is not one I would usually opt for, very light with a hint of pink, It reminds me of the makeup looks Kim K would wear a few years back, and I will probably use this with a warmer lip pencil, but from first try I’m glad I did pick this up. Its creamy, easy to apply and doesn’t need lots of layers for the colour to cover up my pigmented lips.

kiko cosmetics Soft Focus Concealer in shade 1 swatch

The final thing I picked up from Kiko was again on a whim, but when I spotted the yellow tone I instantly thought that the Soft Focus Concealer in shade 1 (£7.50) looked like a good alternative for the MAC prep and prime in light boost. I’ve tried this once and sadly it is not as yellow nor as opaque as the unethical MAC version, so here is hoping the wonderful Makeup Rev come up with a dupe for that eh! All is not lost with this though, as it still brightens in less of a WOAH way than the P&P, making it much more appropriate for daily use. Whether it is worth the pretty high price tag is yet to be decided though.

inglot eyeshadow palette

Moving on to Inglot now, the store is truly beautiful and it was SO exciting to finally visit one and swatch their powders and lipsticks. As I’ve had a good ramble on about Kiko already I shall try to keep this brief! I’ve known for a long time that I wanted an Inglot palette from the lovely Pauline’s (addicted to makeup) reviews and when I swatched the shades it sealed the deal for me. I opted for a 5 palette which cost £8 as I knew I wouldn’t make use of all the shades in a larger one, not to mention how expensive it would end up being!

INGLOT neutral eyeshadow palette

I will dedicate a whole post to my Inglot palette with full details and shade numbers too, but can I just say I am completely swooning over my selection of neutrals!


That is about it ladies, a bit of a cheeky splurge, but as the title says a little blip and that is all, now back to no buying makeup hehe! ;D

Have you tried anything from Kiko or Inglot? Any favourites?

Thank-you for reading ♥

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