Lush Bloggers Event February 2015

lush bloggers event february 2015 easter collection
I was lucky enough to be invited to a local Lush blogger event on Wednesday the 25th of February and it was amazing ^_^ We got to see the new Easter collection, learn more about the perfumes and their story and also make our own face mask which was SUCH a treat! Have a scroll through some of my snaps below..
lush perfume rangelush perfume rangelush vanillary perfume
Vanillary is most definitely my favourite scent from them all and the solid perfume tub even has bits of vanilla pod in it too! What particularly stood out to me about the Lush perfumes, aside from the interesting and very personal back stories, was how unique the names are. You wouldn’t find these kinda names on a typical celebrity or high-end brand, they’re very realistic, intriguing and also unisex too.
Lush easter collection 2015 blogger eventLush easter 2015 collection
The unveiling of Lush’s easter collection was super exciting! We got to see the new bath bombs, that gorgeous golden egg, the cute little bunny and the pink one with the flowers that has the same scent as the well-loved snow fairy - so all of you x-mas snow fairy lovers out there, get some of those pink ones pronto! The lovely lush staff showed us a demo of each bath bomb in a large silver bowl, and I’ve put together a little gif of my favourite - the golden egg!
lush the golden egg demolush the golden egg demo
When I showed my sisters these photos they noted that when in the water the golden egg really does actually look like an egg! Clever haha, this bath blaster twirled around and around and melted slowly. I’m not entirely sure what all the ingredients are (they’ll be listed on the lush site without a doubt) but I do know that it’s filled with skin softening ingredients and it smells deliciously like toffee. I have a pretty weak sense of smell, but I could pick up this gorgeous scent and it was instantly my favourite!
Lush bunch of carrots bubble bar
The bunch of carrots bubble bars are similar to the lush fairy wand they sell, except of course these look very realistically like real carrots! This product is reuseable/easier to break off in chunks for multiple baths, it creates loads of bubbles and has quite a fresh and uplifting scent to it.
lush catastrophe cosmetic face mask blogger event 2015
After lots of ohhings, ahhing and sniffing of the beautiful Easter goodies, we moved on to the most fun part of the event in my opinion - making our own Catastrophe cosmetic face masks! We used all natural ingredients as the factory made ones are created in the same way, except they had combined the various powders and liquids together to make it quicker. This face mask contains real blueberries and it is supposed to calm and cleanse the skin when it is feeling irritated.
lush catastrophe cosmetic face mask blogger event 2015lush catastrophe cosmetic face mask blogger event 2015
How awesome! Our very own hand mixed face masks, mine is currently chilling in the fridge and will hopefully be used this weekend, because I could do with a bit of a pamper!
It was such a wonderful event, I was quite pleased that they didn’t tour the whole store as I already had seen that at the previous event and instead we focused more on the fragrances and newer collections. To any bloggers our there I really recommend looking through social media for your nearest Lush store because they do hold awesome events like this for bloggers and it is so insightful! We were lucky enough to receive a goody-bag and I was SO excited because they gifted me with the golden egg!!!!
Thank-you so much to the Lush team for putting this together, the Easter collection is amazing and I really appreciated the opportunity ^_^
Thank-you for reading ♥
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