The First Sigma Brush//Tapered Highlighter F35

sigma tapered highlighter brush F35 review
Hey guys, I hope you’re all well. I for one am shattered. It’s been a very hectic and busy week but I’ve been determined to keep up with uni, work and blog this month and although it’s only the 6th I’m kind of on a good streak so lets keep going ^_^

Today I’m going to review exactly what the title says, the first Sigma brush I have had the pleasure of trying. When I started getting into makeup and watching YouTube videos Sigma was the talk of the town. Probably because 90% of those Youtubers were sent the brushes and so all simultaneously got to try really good quality brushes. A little while later I got a job and then set my sights on the brand new Real Techniques collection which were MUCH more in my price range than Sigma. Now there are so many others to choose from, zoeva especially,  even with a bigger budget to play with I just haven’t been tempted to splurge on a whole Sigma brush kit. However I did want to try one of their face brushes and when there was a sale I took advantage! So I picked up the Tapered Highlighter - F35.

sigma tapered highlighter brush F35 review

This brush costs £15.95 from FeelUnique link and it feels like a proper makeup brush, with a wooden sturdy handle, metal ferrule and super super soft bristles. The two main uses for this brush are obviously highlighting precisely where you want some glow and also setting the under eye area! I think this works wonderfully for both, never have I had such perfect highlight precision with my Mary-Lou, I used to use the RT setting brush but the tapered highlight brush as you can tell from the point gets the highlight EXACTLY where you need it. Similarly the point makes setting the whole undereye area perfectly as it gets right into the inner-corner. Recently I’ve been using the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and although I ADORE it, under the eyes it creases because I do tend to layer it, so I have been left a few times with separated concealer under my eyes because I didn’t use this brush - blurgh not a good look at all!

sigma tapered highlighter brush F35 review

As mentioned already the bristles are amazingly soft and lovely to use. They’re far too long to use for contouring or blusher and they certainly are not packed densely. This works great with both setting powder to avoid the cakey look and also with highlighter to avoid that wonderful disco ball look too! The only slight gripe is that due to the softness, the shape sometimes gets lost, nothing a bit of pinching and smoothing can’t sort out, but I do feel like if it was a tiny bit less soft you wouldn’t need to do that. 

I have washed it twice now and experienced no shedding or bleeding which is what I expect for a brush over £15. Overall I think it is worth the price because I haven’t seen anything else cheaper than this that could be as precise for highlighting. However I wouldn’t say it’s an essential brush that you NEED. As mentioned I have used the RT setting brush for both purposes that the F35 is for, and although it is not quite as precise, it still does the job well enough.
Rating: 7
Repurchase: Only if I got it on sale again! I wouldn’t mind paying over a tenner for it as it does the jobs it supposed to do very well, but I don’t think its a MUST have, nor do I think it’s worth over £15!

Have you tried any Sigma brushes? What are your thoughts?

Thank-you for reading ♥
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