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collection fast stroke eyeliner review and swatch

For me eyeliner is an absolute staple in my everyday makeup routine, that and concealer are two things I just cannot skip so needless to say I’m always on the look out for a decent liner! I have tried probably around 15 different eyeliners in the past few years which is pretty crazy, pot, gel, pen and khol...but I just cannot help but come back to this particular one from the great budget brand collection.

It costs £2.99 and you can get it three different colours black, brown, blue AND bizarrely I just checked the boots website, they have a limited edition gold and silver one too?!..although the image isn’t quite right haha.

collection fast stroke eyeliner review and swatch

There are several things that make this particular liner stand out, one of them being the applicator. As you can see it has a kinda medium sized foam tip which helps to get a great quick line on both eyes without much going to and fro. This isn’t as thin as the bourjois 16hr Linear Pinceau Liquid Liner (reviewed) however as the foam nib is brilliant -

soft enough that it doesn’t tug or hurt the eyelids but firm enough to achieve excellent flicks too.

collection fast stroke eyeliner review and swatch

I own both brown and black and I love them both. The brown liner in the swatch above actually doesn’t look that light. For me the brown liner is perfect for everyday, its a LITTLE less intense than black yet it still adds the definition I adore from eyeliner. The pigmentation of this liner is another amazing thing, with one swipe you get a strong line which dries pretty quickly as you can see from the above picture! I really recommend anyone looking for a new liquid eyeliner to head over to collection, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

The only downside is, similarly to the bourjois liner, on my eyelids if I haven’t prepped with a base and shadow before applying I do find this doesn’t last all day. If I DO prep then this’ll work for at lest 8 hours, and for that price and the ease of use I always always have at least one in my collection ^_^

Have you tried this eyeliner? Do you have a favourite liquid liner that lasts ALL day? Let me know below!


Thank-you for reading ♥

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