Boxing Day Haul! JANBLOG #4

boxing day haul the blushing giraffe

Every year Christmas rolls around, and the following day people go cray for the boxing day sales. I remember the days when I used to get up early and head over to the Next sale, when my siblings were a lot younger! This year I didn’t realise Boots were having a sale online (ON CHRISTMAS DAY!) until it was too late :( The origins face mask trio in particular was something I was eagerly awaiting the sales for..but alas people were far too quick!

Nevermind, I did pick up a few nice things, and I also didn’t go crazy and buy stuff for the sake of it being on sale *pats self on back* Some of you guys may know we are having a house extension right now, and in a few weeks I will be moving into my parent’s old bedroom which is sooo exciting! So as you can imagine there’s quite a few things I need to be saving for in terms of my new bedroom. I’m also planning on investing in my own DSLR, whether I buy it this January or wait for the sales later on remains to be seen..

Anyways lets get into the haul! So yes, as I mentioned the main store I wanted to visit was boots and AGAIN I was pretty gutted because A) the high end counters were not really advertising their sales, and I later found out you had to ask the counter girls for the sale items –_- B) Our local boots, which is fairly large by the way, doesn’t have an Origins counter. *sighs* After feeling disappointed for a couple of seconds I joined the hubble of people in the sales section, and picked up;

No.7 skin care

Part of my mum’s birthday present. I feel like you can’t go wrong with No.7 Skincare and makeup for a slightly older generation, and this set was a real bargain. Plus you get a large variety of skincare assortments to try in a generous size. I love giving really useful gifts (as well as meaningful ones) so I’m sure she’ll like this!

No7 ultimate eye collection

I then saw this No.7 Essential Eyes Kit and it was reduced to £6 which was phenomenal! Included are 3 limited edition eyeshadows (which cost £7 each normally!!) a blending brush and a pencil brush. This cheered me up a great deal because I’ve actually read quite a lot about this blending brush, when researching for the MAC 217 and I’m very happy to be adding that to my collection. I also didn’t own a specific pencil brush, so again another very welcome addition! The No.7 brushes and makeup in general aren’t something I really look into because for a ‘highstreet’ brand they’re a little pricy for my liking. They are also marketed towards the older age group, so it’s a no go area on the norm. However this set, worth around £35 was such a fantastic bargain and I’m chuffed I have it. The shadows are all fairly neutral and ones I will actually get use out of too so this was ahhmazing!

Stila in the light palette

I also picked up the Stila In the lightpalette, which wasn’t on sale but I had been lusting after it for such a long time (plus the disappointment of missing all the beauty bargains I had planned on purchasing the previous day) lead to this impulsive but beautiful purchase. I love that it includes a range of mattes as well as shimmers, and as far as a neutral palette goes, this is near perfect!

Soap and Glory Powder Trip

You might remember this haul where I attended a boots points event, and so I had over £10 in points to spend. As I was passing through the S&G body sets deciding it was too soon to pick up MORE of the stuff, I saw some of the holiday makeup gift sets, which I didn’t notice online before (odd). This section was so packed and I would have loved to spend another 10 minutes examining the various kits and sets, but I did manage to pick up this GORGEOUS face powders palette and I’m thrilled! You get 3 full sized face powders as well as a decent brush which is handy for travelling. It’s in the S&G trademark cardboard packaging, and although I wasn’t planning on picking up these powders separately, I’m thrilled to have them in my collection. Again this saves around £23 (and buying it from points is an even bigger bonus!).

Next Home

Although I was going to share my clothes findings, I decided to stick to beauty because clothes wise it wasn’t all that exciting. I managed to pick up a tee and a jumper from Next mens section, these wooden crates one for me and one for mum to store body care stuff in, and a pair of trousers from H&M. Thw wooden crates have ‘fruit’ and ‘veg’ on them, but they work great as storage boxes and no-one will know with the text facing the wall ^_^ As I’m enjoying my current wardrobe I wasn’t in the clothes hunting mood and was more eager to get to Ikea! I do however want to share this photo of the t-shirt, gah I love it so pretty!

Next Men's Tee
I hope you all manaaged to pick up some lovely goodies in the sales if you went to them! Please leave any haul post links below, I LOVE reading them ^_^

(p.s finding it a little tricky keeping up with comments and posting daily as well as work, please bear with me!)