Illamasqua Haul! | #JANBLOG 21

illamasqua haul

Can I just ask how we’re at the 21st of January already?! Time is FLYIN’!

So I mentioned that before my SB would start, I did a cheeky splurge on both Illamasqua and Sleek. All for good reasons of course! I did go a LITTLE bit over the top with this haul, mainly because it’s two orders worth (hey they offer free delivery, what's not to love??). But also because as one of my lovely Instagram followers said, Illamasqua really do know how to to put on a SALE!

I’m pretty new to Illamasqua personally, but one of my FAVOURITE MUA’s lookamillion (check her out on IG, Facebook & Youtube she’s self-taught - ahhhmaaazing!) loves their products and features them often on her Instagram. On top of that their blusher’s are usually around £18 and were reduced to £10, and then further reduced to £7.50! BARGAIN OR WHAT?!

As the sale is still on, I want to actually start with the only product that I’ve been pretty disappointed with so far :-(


and that is their cream foundation, which is currently on sale for £5. Not only does it smells odd, but it’s VERY hard to get any product on using a brush, and if you use the sponge, the foundation gets on that thing, and none of it transfers to your face. I did mention this on my Instagram and someone else found she had the same issue, so ladies save your pennies and skip the cream foundation! But anyways lets get onto the GOOD STUFF!



So starting with their cream blusher’s I picked one up for £10, and then later they reduced them all to £7.50 and that was irritating but what can you do o_0. I have heard a TONNE of brilliant things about their cream blush in particular, and as my only experience has been of a bourjois one which doesn’t seem to transfer onto my skin (urgh) I was very excited to be picking these up!

On the right is Dixie, which looks like it’s completely up my street, a gorgeous pink with a tinge of coral running though it, I’ve swatched this and so far so great! On the left is my newest one seduce which is a much stronger magenta colour,  with the tiniest hint of purple (but much more dark pink toned!). I can imagine this colour looking AMAZING on warmer skin tones and I’m very excited to be trying it out!


Before I move on, I just want to say Illamasqua has some of the best packaging I have ever seen, so beautiful! The unusual shape of the blush, the clear window so you can easily see the colour, and the whole sleek look, GAH just gorgeous! You can really tell these are high end!



Here's where I went a LITTLE bit over the top..what can I say I adore blush ok? D:


On the left is lover which is a beautiful soft peach colour, and I can imagine this to be the perfect shade for when you have dramatic smoky eye and a subtle lip colour. On the right is Tremble which is probably the colour I’m most unsure off, as it’s such a baby doll pink which is not normally a colour I turn too…but Sleek blushers have taught me that you shouldn’t judge a shade by it’s pan colour! (I mean take a look at flamingo which I received a while back…AMAZING). Some won’t agree, but I personally think you can get away with wearing any blush shade depending on the occasion and the rest of your make, as well as how heavily you apply it of course. (Maybe just medium skin tones? I don’t know).

The next two that I picked up, where probably more up my street and the shades I would have swatched in store if we had one near by..


On the left is Allure which appears a lot browner  in the pan than I expected (and compared to the video swatch on their site). I haven’t tried any of these ON my skin yet because I am doing OMFTW and trying to stick to the products for that week, but this colour is like a dusty darker pink, with golden shimmers. Swatching on my hand I can notice the little gold specs, so obviously this is something you’d skip the highlighter with, but I will be reviewing this hopefully for a proper verdict ^_^

On the right is Hussy which as I was saying is something I would pick up, it’s a lovely matte peachy pink, which leans more on the pink side by a smudge. The matteness of this mean’s I can pop some highlighter on top, and I'm good to go!


And finally a random little purchase, my first high end pigment in the shade ore…I realise these pictures aren’t helpful, but Google ore pigment and join me as we swoon over its beauty! I think this is perfect for adding something special to an eye look for a party or wedding, and though I’d never buy this full price, for half it looked like a good buy!


And that’s my second-to-last haul for a good couple of months! I certainly did stock up on blusher’s, and will be sharing them with you soon ^_^

Did you buy anything from the sale? Are you planning on picking anything up? The sale is still on, so go go go!