The ‘I’ve had a full night’s sleep’ (but not really) essentials | #JANBLOG 13


Whilst a little bit of worrying isn’t terrible, a lot of worrying is not good news for your health. Neither is it great for your sleeping routine. I have quite a few deadlines approaching and last night I must have had about three and a half hour’s undisturbed sleep worrying about it all! Needless to say I woke up looking like a zombie and feeling much worse....thank goodness this is where make-up comes in and works it’s magic!

I thought I’d share my makeup essentials for nights which have been far from soothing -

Eye’s are the tell-tell signs of lack of sleep..or vica versa! So these are the area one must attend too first.

1. A Corrector Of Some Sort. As you can see I have hit MAJOR pan on my benefit boi-ing concealer in a shade far too dark for my skin colour, but great at balancing out dark circles. It is light weight, but covers effectively and doesn't tend to cake up at all – an essential for under the eyes. Of course concealer is always used on top but without a corrector I may as well not even bother.

2. Light, Shimmery eyeshadows. My ‘go-to’ eye look is always number 1 and number 3 from the MUA undressed palette, with some of number 5 blended in the crease. By mixing a very shimmery colour with a matte nude you have a wonderful base. I of course apply a generous amount into the inner corner which reflects light away from the eyes, thus making them appear brighter, and the darker matter brown adds a tiny bit of definition! My eyelids (much like my dark circles) are pretty pigmented any way so by adding a light, bright colour it' instantly takes away the darkness and gives the illusion of wider awake eyes.

3. Rimmel Scandal’eyes liner in Nude: if you don’t own this by now, you should be asking yourself WHY NOT? It is PERFECT for making bloodshot, tired and dark eyes appear well rested. Whilst this doesn’t last longer than a couple of hours, the immediate effect it has upon the eyes and WHOLE FACE in general is amazing, and it’s cheap enough to carry around for top-ups should you wish, as losing it won’t be the end of the world!

The face can also look a little worse for wear when its sleep deprived so;

I distribute Mary Lou-Manizer (reviewed) over the tops of my cheekbones and slightly across my nose which accentuates the glowing skin and radiant look – disguising fatigue quite well.
The rest of the stuff like bronzer, blush, liquid/gel liner is generally mixed up to whatever I can reach, and usually if I'm that sleep deprived I don’t bother!

What are your staples after a late night?