The Blushing Giraffe Just Got It’s Own Domain! JANBLOG #2

finished painted version
Sorry for the short post today, but I just thought I should let you guys know that my little blog now has it’s own domain name! ^_^

This is really exciting for me because it’s something I’ve kinda always wanted to do, but I thought I should perhaps wait a year or so. But then the ‘New Year’ bug hit me and coincidently the wonderful Ellie who runs a design blog (and who is 1000% worth following, I’ve learnt SO much from her tutorials!) happened to post a ‘How To Set Up A Custom Domain In Blogger’ and if that isn’t a push I don’t know what is! It was relatively simple, and didn’t take long at all. I’m just waiting for my followers to be transferred and I promise you guys will get the first instalment of my brush series tomorrow!

I think having your own domain name makes the blog look and sound professional, and it’s easier to share with others! ‘what is your blog’s name?’ ‘ohh its theblushinggiraffe.blogspot.c…’ yeah. It’s not an essential of course but it’s a nice little touch, and I’m feeling pretty happy about it.

Also just a quick note, that app I recommended in yesterdays post DAYUM ITS HARD CORE. I’ve promised myself I will NEVER let myself get this unfit again! It was painful, but in a good way and I love how it makes up the workouts for you, so my next one is Sunday, then Tuesday, and once this exercise plan is done, I’ll choose a different category (probably getting toned!)

Anyway I’m off to do some reading for Uni ._. hope you’re all having a wonderful evening & start to the new year!