Hello fellow beauty lovers!
Following on from The Money Book post, yesterday I ordered what I had been waiting for (SLEEKS NEW COLLECTION OH MY GOODNESS ITS GORGEOUS) and then set about thinking how long I wanted this ban to be for. Now 1 months of wages was weak, two months a good start…but THREE MONTHS OF WAGES UNTOUCHED AND STRAIGHT INTO SAVING? Now that is what I deem to be an achievement! And coincidently yesterday started off 101 days of no spending (till April payday!)
So I shall keep this fairly brief, but my reasonings?
  1. I want to get more control over my finances. I want to be able to save a portion of it per month and spend what my income allows and I think the only real way of doing this, is completely cutting off from spending and just watching my savings accounts grow! By having this huge spending ban (a quater of the year!) I really do think it will make it easier for my to save more money in the future, even if it’s only half my wages per month – CHANGE STARTS FROM HERE!
  2. It does quite irritate me when people tell me I spend too much money on something (i.e makeup). what my perception of too much is and your perception may be totally different. Also I don’t spend my money drinking, and dancing or on eating out every other day each to their own. On top of that I am rather savy when it comes to buying makeup (watch this space a very useful post coming up for you ladies!) and so although I do happen to own a fair amount, the VAST majority was not bought full price…but..having said that I’ve come to the stage where I really want to use and APPRECIATE all the beauty goodness I own!  A big reason for why I’ve not been using all my makeup is because like I have mentioned I am in the process of moving bedrooms, and honestly I am just itching to hurry up and organise it all nicely in the new room so I can truly appreciate what I have! Everything I own was bought out of hard earnt money, and I want to be able to get the most out of it. I do think starting a beauty blog is positively correlated with having a larger makeup collection than most!! So now is the time to get using it! ^_^
  3. Finally just to prove to myself that I can indeed do this! I know its a long time, but 2014 for me so far has started off with the need to push myself. A great example is #Janblog if you asked me a few weeks ago if I could blog every single day I would have laughed in your face! I do hope the content and photography hasn’t suffered too much though..anyway yes i’m doing this for ME!

I’ve already deleted the amazon, asos and ebay app from my phone. let me tell you window shopping via the phone when boredom strike can be fatal! I’ve also started deleting enticing brand e-mails when they arrive (I’m an avid e-mail check, and those can be my weaknesses ._.)

The exceptions/rules;
- I’m allowed £5 a week for buying food whilst at uni, it won’t get me far but I really need to STOP BUYING FOOD FOR INFLATED PRICES! There’s plenty of food at home, it just takes 5 minutes to pack them!
- The essentials like my phone top-up and driving lessons.
- I need to buy a couple of presents in the upcoming months, so they’re obviously not included!

That’s all guys! I’m feeling pretty positive about this all and really hope it is successful! A big thankyou too all your positive comments in the money book post, you beauties are the best! <3  I’ll miss packages arriving, but I sure won’t miss that guilty ‘I already had one of those, was another that necessary Iqra??’ moments ._.

If you missed yesterdays post, check out my review of some of the ebay brushes/RT dupes ^_^