The January ‘14 Update. | #JANBLOG 31

january update the blushing giraffe
Hello lovely people! (The flower fairies used to be my favourite so this calendar was essential!)
I really am hoping this won’t be too rambly, but it’s more of a lifestyle post so if you’d rather not read this, click around The Blushing Giraffe there’s plenty of other beauty stuff around ^_^ January has been an absolute blur! *re-reads those goals haha* and I really do have a strange feeling that the rest of this year will follow suit which is slightly alarming because 2014 STILL doesn’t seem real??
#JANBLOG! WOOOHOOOO! Honestly blogging every single day was SO tough! Alongside working part time and Uni fitting in a post 7 days a week was a real challenge, but aside missing a day in the middle and the last two days, I think I did a pretty alright job. Without all of you guys being so very supportive and helpful I really couldn’t have accomplished it so thank you thank you thank you!! It has shown me that I CAN achieve the goal to blog 3 days a week at least, just so long as I plan posts a little more and turn down the spontaneous-ness. Also I have been slacking with reading and commenting my favourite blogs, and so this weekend I am going to do a mass catch-up (with lots of cups of tea).

I bought a new camera this month – the Canon 600D! I’m so happy with it, but because I have been pretty busy all month I’ve not really had the chance to properly play around with it, next month’s update should hopefully contain a lot more photos ^_^

Spending Ban
My spending ban came into effect mid month, and there are 87 days to go! I’ve been doing fairly well, but I have found it hard not so buy so much food at Uni. So…from next month I’ll be trying to cut down on buying chocolate ._. (I don’t even LIKE chocolate most of the time…is this an effect of not spending money on pretty things??)

Working Out
This month I also started working out! Ok enough of the explanation marks, I did say started and that pretty much lasted for a week. Although I've been slightly demotivated and not able to plan my time effectively to get my fitness up, Feb will be the month a proper routine comes into place…I hope…how are your fitness resolutions coming along? I did want to share this app with you again (Nike Training)
nike training appppp
As you can see you have four options to choose from and I think I’ll change my routine and opt for get Toned rather than get lean because lean is more for loosing weight, something I don’t want to do ( I just need to be feeling fit and toned up!) and even lean on beginner was TOUGH! I clicked on get toned, then beginner and was given a series of workouts to choose from, with the time length, approx. calories burnt and also the option to customise it. What I love about this app is the personalised workout plan, they set you the workouts and the days to do them in, as well as the ability to listen to your own music! I'’ve made a playlist and can’t wait to start it again! The only con of this app is that it does NOT work through warming up and down effectively enough! I was in SEVERE pain for like 3 days after my first full workout, so if you’ve forgotten all the stuff from school then go ahead and YouTube them first!

Halal Sweets
This month I discovered another amazing Instagram/shop which sells amaaaaazing halal sweets! For those of you who may not know Muslims can only eat sweets which are gelatine free…no haribos for us! Although we can have skittles, starburst, hardboiled, sometimes you just really want the gummy kind you know? There are a few companies around that sell sweets like this, and I thought I’d try out ‘Simply Sweet Cart’ who also cater for weddings! Check them out on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see the most amazing personalised carts filled with sweets, chocolate foundations and more ^_^
The customer service was brilliant, with regular emails throughout and I was really happy with my sweets! I have a terrible sweet-tooth and these were a wonderful treat to help me through the assignments of last week! I have a feeling Ima be a regular customer (after the spending ban though dw, enough spending on food haha)

Ok so this is something that is SUPER upsetting. I made sure I started my spending ban after the release of Sleek’s new products, literally ordered them on the 16th and they claim they have a 3 day delivery service with..tracking..well that tracking is useless and there is still no package that has arrived. Furthermore they haven’t replied to a single e-mail. I’m pretty disappointed considering they’ve been one of my favourite brands for a looooong time, the least I expect is decent customer service to help sort out//find the package! Hopefully I can update you guys on this soon :(

Moving Into The New Bedroom


Lets finish this off on a positive note! My parents old bedroom is my new one, yaaaay! I now have a tonne more storage space and will be getting a new double bed tomorrow I hope! Then this weekend I shall start painting the room and yeah exciting stuff..except moving all your stuff from one room to another is surprisingly stressful because I have little idea what stuff is in what box and when I need something…jbjgbrgjvbj. Fingers crossed I may have some photos of the room and not a random box next month ^_^

How was YOUR January? I hope this wasn’t too boring, it’s actually kinda more of a record for myself y’know? But if any of you read the whole thing then…well done :’) haha
See you tomorrow for my January Favourites!